@HerNameWasAlice I will soon I promise! Life has just been so so so busy for me recently!


Hello! I know you haven’t been on this blog since around 2014 so I’m going to assume you’ve probably grown up and gone to college or something and gotten your life planned out, and all that fun stuff. I honestly just want to thank you for writing Hey There Delilah, for one, it introduced me to an amazing song, and second it was just another book to add to the every growing stack that made me want to become a writer, so thank you! And for that one day when you come across your old password and login to this account in fifteen years and you hear your children in the back ground, I want you to remember this story and I want you to feel appreciated and happy, and I hope you have an amazing time going through this and reading all the comments about your books, and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your time writing. Thank you so so much 


Hi! Do you know how hard it was for me to remember the damn title (even though it's not that hard of a name) to this amazing book! Okay so I read this book I'm pretty sure maybe in 2015.. Again im not sure (sorry) I was completely new to wattpad and I didn't understand any of wattpad (
          lol. I still don't) your book 'Hey There Delilah' was one of my first Luke Hemmings fics I read. And I can't say how unique and beautiful your story was! I love all the characters and your storyline GIRL YESS!! I also love the sad, but yet positive attitude of Delilah's life. Some of the stuff you wrote in this fic really hit me in the face with a brick and made love how much time is precious. So many tears I shed! I won't lie at all!! Guilty!!!  anyway I've been trying to look for all my first favorite fics I read when I was a newbie to wattpad and girl it was so hard to remember the title. Lol I remember her name was Delilah and it was a Luke fic and they went in tour. Omg it was so frustrating but I FINALLY THANK THE LORD PRAISE THE GENIES that I finally found it. The funny thing was it was still in my library and me being the idiot I am it took me 3 months to try and find it. Okay maybe not 3 but it felt like a whole year!  okay thanks for reading this if you ever see this. I love your unique and beautiful mind please don't let your writing fade it's beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️


Hey there! I just finished reading Hey There Delilah and I just wanted to say that your book was so good! No matter how many time I got mad or cried about the characters, its still hands down, my favorite book. So thank you for this wonderful book that you've written and I personally got really really great advice from it and it helped me out a lot. So thank you so much and keep writing cause you're doing an amazing job. 
          Adrienna :)