Hey, all *.*
That's nugget in my dp
So I'm just following my cousin's lead, @AsdfghjklDerek, who was forced to join by @Im2Sexy4MyCat
Don't ask me about their usernames. I'm the only one normal in the family. Call me Maybe? ;)
Just turned 17 :)
I'm pretty friendly, so if you're bored or just want someone to talk to... I'm usually here :3
I'm secretly a poet.
Love skateboarding!
Into photography
Currently single
Fan of BVB, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Metallica, The Who.. basically anything but I prefer classic rock.
I feel like I'm talking to myself right now.. :(
And yes, the purpose of the background is to creep people out. Ahah sorry, trying something new here xd

We're having a race on who can get the most fans, and I'm very competitive...
And yeah, I fan back. I treat all my fans like family :)
I'm like that 3rd cousin no one talks about. Lol.

Smile! It takes 24 muscles to frown, and only 8 to smile!

Still under construction !
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