I am a loner (sometimes) but I have friends. I feel the most happiness when I laugh. I love Marvel movies but I haven't read any of the comics. SORRY!!!!  I am a hopeless romantic and I will always believe in love in when no one else does. Love can and will inspire all of us someday!!!! Everyone is weird!!!!  No one is perfect in this messed up planet!!!!  We have to try and make this world a safer and better place!!!! I love traveling the world. I would love to go to London, Tokyo, and Paris someday. But I will keep dreaming. "Imagination is better than knowledge" I love pizza and Nutty Nut Bars. I drink way too much lemonade for my own good. I try to lose weight. But I'm WAY TOO Lazy!!!! I used to think I was ugly and fat because mostly because the boys at my school called me that every day; but then I realized I am beautiful. Life is beautiful. We have to cherish every moment we have left. I have a strange obsession with my guys who have beards. And British dudes. I love Power Rangers. I get bored very easily. I love to sing and dance. I really want to become an actress. I love to read. I am still waiting for my super hero to come and save me!!!! I'm also a sucker for cheesy and cliches.
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