There's actually four of us here, we've kinda become each others chica's on twitter, and one day we got this crazy idea to co-write a one direction fanfic without rules.
Each one of us will be writing one POV, and we all wanted Niall so badly we decided to take turns writing his :) (well, who can blame us for wanting Niall, right?)
No rules means there's no plan for this story, each of us can write what they want, and the others will just have to fit it in to their chapters. I know I'm curious as to where we will end up :D



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Story by Sanne, Noa, Lisa &Karolien
Crash! Boom! Bang! by 4StereoHearts
Crash! Boom! Bang! Fanfiction
What happens when 5 guys, most of them total strangers to each other, meet? What if that meeting occurs due to a power cut on their train home from work or uni? On a Friday night, when you want nothing more than to...