hopefully soon, but it will be quite a few days, sorry, I'm overloaded with work in the moment, so time to write is rather limited


Hi 4SnowWolf I just want to know if I dare you is completed or not. Also Growing up and other disasters is a good one, it would be great if you would continue on it. You are a good writer, don't give up , no matter what , we all are waiting patiently for you come back soon 


Dear God, the person reading this is kind and I love them. Please help them live their fullest and help them in their chosen field. 
          Now you’re on the clock. In 9 minutes, something will make you happy. Share this with all the people you love, remember it’s for both genders. If I don’t get this back I’m obviously not a close friend XP.
          Now I have a game for you. It’s been played since 1977, once you read this, send it to 15 people.  If you do it, the next five days will be like this:
          Day 1. You will wake up to the biggest shock of your life.
          2. You will find yourself with lots of money.
          3. You will cross paths with a friend you missed.
          4. Your day will be perfect. 
          5. The person you like most in your life will spend lots of time with you. 
          Try not to break this, send it to 15 people in the next 10 minutes. Whoever you send this to must care about you.


Hi @4SnowWolf ! I understand that your book Growing Up and Other Disasters is currently on hold. Are you currently taking a break from writing, or just from Wattpad in general? I believe I speak from the hearts of all your fans that we would be delighted if you decide to return to Wattpad and your books. I love your writing.
          A sincere fangirl


@4SnowWolf I'm so happy to hear you are still planning on writing your book. Honestly idek how people make time to write in the first place. I have no time on my hands and I'm only a freshman in highschool.


@ktnss_grngr_chs_prr  Hi there, no I haven't given up on Wattpad, writing or Growing Up and other Disasters - Live and family commitments have been it nearly impossible for me to find the time to sit down, relax and write. I am determined to get back to this story and have been working on new chapters already. They just need some final tweaking, in the moment they don't meet my standards yet. So, hopefully in the next couple of months I'll be able to return to one of the things I love doing most: writing.


PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Finish up/continue growing up, I’ve become to engulfed into it to leave it, I need to know what happens!!!!!


Hi, dear author!!!!! I was reading your book, with you in my arms, and I love itttt. I was just wondering if ya need a cover. 


Hey please tell me you haven't given up writing "growing up and other disasters" bc it's amazing in the first 5 characters you have posted & the previous book was just AMAZING. I loved it 

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