I'm from Canada, I don't say aboot, and I'm kinda trash I guess.
I like bmc, phan, Heathers, (lil) deh, music(good music), Thomas Sanders, Miles chronicles, wattpad, my friends, and nighttime. I ALSO LIKE HAMILTON AND THE SHIP LAURMADS! #LAURMADSAWARENESS WE NEED FANART!!!! I also ship Undivine Eacker. Oh, and I'm also pan. But like, that ain't my whole personality I like a ton of other shit I'm just too lazy to write it all down, so, if ya wanna know I could just tell you. I'm thinking of watching voltron cause my friends keep saying I look like someone called pidge.
"No feelings are stupid feelings; they are feelings that need to be expressed." - Joan
At 1:18 August 31 2017 I became a unimort, I guess.
Please never kill yourself. You're never alone as you think you are. No one deserves to disappear, or feel like they're unnoticed.

CHILD: @KingBury_4_Life_420
MOM: @Philip_Eacker

"I never had the dad who stuck it out, no corny jokes or baseball gloves, no mom who was just there 'cause mom was all that she had to be."
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Tag book. by 3mma1i113y
Tag book. Humor
Tag book. There's nothing I can say.
Random thoughts and shiz. by 3mma1i113y
Random thoughts and shiz. Random
This book is just a bunch of random thoughts, things I've done, things that have happened to me, and things my friends have done if they feel comfortable with me posting about it. Maybe some anger. Actually, probab...
Language project. by 3mma1i113y
Language project. Non-Fiction
Okay so for a language project I have to read a book and I chose this book. Rules of the project are inside. This is simply for me to remember. You probably would be bored reading this. Cool? Okay. Peace out.