Basic trash..

My name's Julia, I'm 14, Slytherin, from Sweden... idk what else to write... I'm socially anxious...? But I'd really love to fangirl w someone and/or get to know someone, but I'm really awkward etc. but I'm tryinnggg.

Fandoms: Ahs, Hp/Fb, Tvd, Tw, Twd, Marvel, Voltron, Tw, Mphfpc, Tlotr, Tmi/Tid/Tda, Sherlock, Pjo, Ouat, Dr who,

- I've seen a lot of series and movies and read a lot of books that I've probably not included here

Bookfandomthingys: Hp(duh), Tlotr, The asylum "trilogy", beautiful creatures (etc.), All Stephen King books (hehe), Miss p, TMI/TID/TDA

In case anyone has read Cdf aka cirque du freak/ the saga of Darren Shan, HMU cuz no one I know have it and I just can't let my feelings out about it to anyone haha.

Music thingys: Tøp, Melanie, Halsey, Shawn, Troye, Mcr, Fob, Panic!, 5SoS

I really don't know anything about bts buut I like their music.

I've probably forgot something
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