Amanda~well hi there. This account is actually the joint account of pinklollypopgirl[Me!] and Mo_Rose[Cleo]. I guess I should tell you a bit about me, so here we go. I'm a teen, exactly three months and a week younger than my partner-in-crime, I mean writing buddy. I like blue raspberry jolly ranchers, sour candy, buttered popcorn jelly beans, and soda. I'm also a little insane, if you hadn't noticed.
Cleo~ Hey, sup. Um...I'm a teenager, too (older, as Mandy has said), and...her and I have been friends since forever. Pretty cool. If you want to know more about me, visit Mo_Rose (my personal account) if you want to know more about me. Thanks. (:
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Story by Cleo and Amanda
Snake Eyes by 2Friends1Story
Snake Eyes Horror
It's a simple game, really. All you have to do is roll the dice, and she'll tell you what the numbers mean. One can play her little game Two can do just the same Three is cut up three times Four's a favorite of mi...