Giulia, 16 years old, love horse riding and love reading.
Klaroline owns my heart.
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- Percy Jackson
- Harry Potter
- Maze Runner
- Hunger Games
- Divergent series
- Fairy Oak
- La ragazza drago
- The Shannara Chronicles
- Teen Wolf
- Shadowhunters
- The 100
- Star Wars
- The vampire diaries
- The originals
- Legacies
- Lucifer
- Divergent
- Reign
- Supergirl
- DC legends of tomorrow
- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

~Kol Mikaelson
~Kara Danvers
~Caroline Forbes
~Davina Claire
~Kai Parker
~Isaac Lahey
~Nick Scratch

~Klaroline 💘


•He is your first love, I intend to be your last. However long it takes•
(The vampire diares)

•Bob says hello•
(Eroi dell'Olimpo, la casa di Ade)

•After all this time? Always•
(Harry Potter e i Doni della Morte)

•For the first time... ever, I really liked someone... loved someone...•

•Kill me. If you have ever been my friend, kill me•
(The Maze Runner, The Death Cure)

•The Dark Lord asked me to get close to you, to be nice to you... to hold your hand... but then I really did fall in love with you•

•The heart and the head•
(The 100)

•"Promise me this is forever" "I promise"•
(The vampire diaries)

•Fatto il misfatto•
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