Well I am being forced to rewrite it. *Sigh* Anyway I'm a strange weird none average teen-age girl. I am vampire obsessed and currently Angel and Witch obsessed And lets not forget Yaoi obsessed. I love to make friends but, They usually don't like me since I'm to weird and crazy.

Guess what! I'm seventeen years old! I'm way to hyper this year! But yet I'm completely lazy at the same time! I go by Spazzy Jazzy, or 1homeschoolbrat.... I read and write when I'm not watching anime, or listening to music. Which can basically explain my life.

I love Jolly Ranchers! Any other candy i'd gladly share with you, but not my jolly ranchers. MINE! -hides jolly ranchers- I also don't share my Dr.Pepper. Them to things along with my favorite show, brings me to my own little slice of heaven. So don't go and try to destroy it cause then I'd have to hurt you....Anyway Message me if you wanna know anything or just want someone to talk to :)

You may or may not know my friend, thebrat95203, I stole this account from her, though she could really care less, cause it keeps me off of her main account. We call each other cousins, though we're not at all related, She has a twin, though she isn't related to him either, but oh well. Anyway so she's my cousin, and Down below is my best imaginary friends, Chibby! Lunar! and Bane! We hang out with Kat, and her figments of imagination as she calls it, Neko, Soul, and Vane, and all those crazy people in her head, that she writes down their stories ><
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I just now noticed you commented on my messageboard >< Thanks I think lol, And I'm not that cool, I'm really lame and nerdy XP
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