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1d_jollygood 1d_jollygood Jan 01, 2016 11:46PM
Ok so im really drunk nad i dont wan tyou to thi nk im pretending because im not but omg i love you all so much thank you for reading my stories and i love you i think youre all so perfect and i genu...
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Call Boy. (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Social data: 5.1M reads. 243K votes. 231K comments.

Description: Harley Thomas; an anxiously wrecked Christian who thrives on judging those who sin. Harry Styles; an emotionally wrecked Atheist who thrives on sinning.


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Call Me Daddy. (Harry Styles One Shot Series)

Call Me Daddy. (Harry Styles One Shot Series)

15M 326K 492K

He was old enough to be her father. So, she called him daddy.

Crazed. (Harry Styles)

Crazed. (Harry Styles)

14.7M 375K 250K

All the bright, precious things fade so fast... And they don't come back.

Mature Completed