I just realized today that I haven’t updated my sally face book in two months, and I also didn’t even start my Detroit: become human Markus x reader book yet (are people still into that game? I’m gonna make it anyway). I didn’t mean to not update anything, I’m just really stressed over graduation and stuff. Between studying and trying to get into university (I got accepted thankfully!) I haven’t had much time to write anything. I’m going to try to update soon or write my new book, definitely sometime this month. Have a good day/night! <3


Yo, my older sister is about to graduate too and I've seen the stress it puts on her. Don't worry about it and keep doing what you need to.


oh my god. its been years since we last spoke and years since i read your books. i first read your books when i was in year 5/6 and now ive just finished my first year at college (year 12). i miss our talks and liking eachothers pics on insta. i hope youre doing well, you made my childhood more fun and enjoyable :)


Can you pls come back we miss you and your wonderful stories and I really wanna know what (y/n) and mark will do next especially in fazbear's fright I read your stories all the time over and over again so pls come back and bring us new enjoyment to read and relax.
          Thank you 


Are you going to be updating any of your books anymore ( specifically the Sally face) cause I’m just now getting hooked and these were made in 2019 I think....  after two years just wanna check if your alive