Hello there.. Can I tell you a secret? Yes? Guess what?


Now that we've got that over and done with Id like to politely ask you to read my books and fan me please^___^

Why? I have several reasons

1. I'm a toaster
2. You're a nice person, which means you will:)
3. I like cheese
4. I don't usually misspell things:p
5. I don't have arms because I'm a toaster. So show some sympathy! It's really hard to type with my tongue:(
6. My life is on the Internet

AND I FLIPPING LOVE ONE DIRECTION! Sometimes I talk to myself In exotic accents... My friends always say I'll eventually end up in a mental hospital:')... With them:) ah the good old days.

I like really old music (well not that old) AND MA BOYS 1D

My goal is to reach 1000 reads on one of my stories:) I hope my beloved fizzlers (the name of my fans) can make my dream come true! I LOVE YOU GUYS :')

:) Love, the toaster Emily:)
P.S. Id really like to make it on wattpad:) BUH BUH BUUUUUMMM yeah.. I went there u.u
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Tell me a lie (A 1D fan fiction)

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Description: Natalie, a zany 18 year meets a very interesting boy named Liam. One mistake pulls them away from each other. They meet up again and Natalie finds out a very disturbing secret about him. One that will change...


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