my name is kristina and my middle name is michelle. i am 16 years old. i live in florida although i wish i lived in new york. im a city girl who loves country. one direction is my life. i love shopping although i dont ever have money. i hate school even though i have so much more to go. summer is my lifeeee. im afraid to fall in love.. but i want to so badly. i love my family with all my heart. without my friends i dont know if i would still be living. i cry alot.. people tend to hurt me. i suffer from the fear of rejection. i love to smile and laugh.. if you can make me do that, you have my heart. i play the guitar, piano, and i sing; i guess you could say i love music. im very self conscience.. and its ruining me. ive never been in love.. but i wish i was. life is full of mistakes.. and believe me, ive made plenty of them. memories are what keep me strong, but also tear me apart. my dog is literally my best friend. i hate letting people in, only because i dont want to get hurt again. partying is the best way to let go. my parents think im a sweet innocent child.. theres alot to me that they dont know. two more years left of highschool. a part of me is happpy, to get away from the fake people i cant stand, but a part of me is worried.. high school is so safe, im scared to grow up. people think i have an easy life.. but once you step into my shoes, you'll realize that youre wrong. i wish i could say that i dont need a guy to make me happy. i love smelling good. it takes me a long time to forget something or someone. im always there for people, i love helping people with their problems cause i know what it feels like to have no one there at times. i think wayyy too much. i try not to open up to anyone; its hard to trust people these days. i believe there is no hell.. because we already live in it before we die ha. this is me, take it or leave it.

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