Hi!! I'm Danika! I like to make lists about myself and I like colors too so here we go! 

20 FAVE things!!

1. One Direction
2. Life
3. Writing
4. Music
5. Family
6. Friends
7. Teen Wolf
8. Ziam
9. Larry
10. Singing
11. Acting
12. Tumblr/blogging
13. Clothes
14. Shoes
15. Happiness
17. Fanfiction
18. Reading
19. School
20. My crush

20 MOST HATED things:

1. Racists
2. Homophobics
3. Bad Writers
4. Miranda Cosgrove (ew)
5. Mitt Romney (why does he live?)
6. When people step on the heel of my feet when I'm walking
7. Judgemental peace of shits
8. All out rude people
9. Depression
10. Heights
11. The dark
12. Secrets that I'm not keeping
13. Hardcore rap music
14. Hardcore rock music
Lol I can't think of anymore

20+ FAVE bands and musicians (In no particular order):

1. One Direction
2. Demi Lovato
3. Taylor Swift
4. Adele
5. Amy Winehouse
6. Michael Jackson
7. Jonas Brothers (always and forever)
8. Justin Bieber
9. Ariana Grande
10. Birdy
12. Frank Ocean
13. Florence+The Machine
14. Bruno Mars
15. Cher Lloyd
16. Drake
17. Christina Perri
18. Ed Sheeran
19. Emeli Sande
20. Fall Out Boy
21. Panic At The Disco
22. The Fray
23. The Script
24. Childish Gambino
25. Imagine Dragons
26. Mumford and Sons
27. Jason Mraz
28. John Mayer
29. Michael Buble
30. Big Sean
31. Nicki Minaj
32. Katy Perry
33. Karmin
34. Keri Hilson
35. Lady Antebellum
36. Aurelia Has Orchestra
37. Lana Del Rey
38. Mario
39. Maroon Five
40. Natasha Bedingfield
41. Leone Lewis
42. Norah Jones
43. P!NK
44. Plain White T's
45. Sarah Barelis (I spelled that wrong)
46. Sia
47. Sky Sailinh
48. The Strokes
49. Train
50. Trey Songz
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1DandABDCbaby 1DandABDCbaby Jan 05, 2013 06:20AM
@TheArtOfWriting im on but how about the cover?
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