My UserName gives it away... I love Swimming and  I love Justice Crew; One Direction and Simple Plan. 

I've got a monkey hat like John Pearce from Justice Crew; but I'm trying to find when he got his...
I find all the boys of Justice Crew hot; I don't care if they've tattoos or not.

My Twitter acount is SwimmerJC now; not 1DSwimmerJC like my Wattpad name.

Please also fan my sister giraffe227 (she calls herself that because my family calls her the unco giraffe because she's tall and is unco) read her story too!

Yes I did name the main character of Danielle's Cousin and Famously In Love as my first name; but not my last name... I couldn't think of a first name I am sorry!!!


Hope you like my stories!!! Comment if you have any questions, ideas, or feedback.

I am also in my last year of school; so my uploads might be slow or fast; it depends on my homework and assingments.

My Lovely Wattpad Friends!

@giraffe227 - she's is actually my little sis, please fan her and read her stories

@forever_styles - Ammie!!!!! her character is is FIL.... I love her so much that she love Merlin :P

@cori2lol - Cori has helped me in my mental blanks.... I thank her so much!

@bex_the_box - cool girl

@hungryforniall - Laura is her character in FIL

@carlylauren - her character Carly in FIL

@LivLoveLouis - Love her stories and her character is Miriam in FIL

@itskellyyy - is a huge fan of Danielle's cousin... so much so she made me a character in her story! such a sweetie she is!

@JCNerdz - Their Justice Crew stories I love.. and we follow each other on Twitter which I love their tweets!

Love You All!

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1DSwimmerJC 1DSwimmerJC Apr 08, 2013 07:33AM
@forever_styles Yes I am! I know! I will calm it :P
            Have you watched season 8 of Waterloo Road from episode 10? IT HAS TOMMY KNIGHT IN IT!!!! OMG HE'S HOT!
            AND DOCTOR WHO IS BACK!!!!!!!!!
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Loving You From The Start: A Niall Horan Love Story

Social data: 19.7K reads. 158 votes. 54 comments.

Description: 18 year old Claire is left heart-broken and her reputation destroyed on her 1 year anniversary by her enemy Jasmine. Not knowing why her boyfriend cheated on her on the anniversary; and not knowing where her f...


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Story Reading List

Story Reading List