HELLO! My name is Traeleigh, im 18, from Doncaster England. As you can tell, my account is up here for One direction, and one direction ONLY. LMAO! I'm am NOT a shy person ( as you can tell ) and i'm bubbly and outgoing! My best friend is Daniella ( OneDirectionDarling ), and we have known each other since we were 4! She has moved too America, so I haven't seen her in over a year! ( MISS YOU! ) She has amazing stories ( or will have ), so you should go check emm out! I need fan's, so tell all your friends about me, and i'll tell mine about you! My favorite band is of course.... ONE DIRECTION!<3 My stories may be a little PG-pg13 but it's one direction, so why hold back yeah?! FAN ME! 

xx Traeleigh
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1D4EVER989794 1D4EVER989794 Dec 03, 2012 02:44AM
No problem guys!!! IT would mean a lot if ya'll could check out my fanfic also!! 
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Amor para siempre A ( english ) One Direction Fan Fic <3

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Description: Rider isn't anyone new too Doncaster, just the blond, blue eyed beauty of Debster High School. Rider has been held back a couple of years, and has met many new ( young ) interesting people. Rider meets the in...


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