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You almost discribed my life in the "You are the only exepction" plot. Like literally... and my name is Michelle as well 


I just now finished reading "you are my only exception".. and girl you made me cry.. no offense but I hate sad endings.. I was crying the whole time.. this was a good story.. the only thing is that she didn't get to be with him :'( :'(


Please, please, PLEASE, finish That's What You Get. I need more details on what gonna happen in their lives next. Like if they get married, have another kid. I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!


Hi Stephanie! Congratulations on your story..."You are the only exception" but I kind of feel bad for the ending and I am hoping you finish the sequel soon because in my opinion...the ending is unfair for both characters if they really are in love after all they've been through. It is very unfair for Michelle also after all the love, patience and understanding she gave...that is all that she would get. But dnt get me wrong...you are the author and I think you probably have a twist on their story which makes it very exciting for the sequel. That is why I am looking fwd for the sequel. But please make it a happy ending for everyone at least. Hehehe! Thanks for sharing your story.


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Sorry im sure ur books work 4 some people but not me. How could u do that what the fuck. Its terrible! !!!!!!!! The ending!!!!!!????!?