ma name jeff

i have a lot of fanbases im a part of

references are my life

vlog squaddd:
zayn is my *baby*
alex is my secondary smol bean with slight anger issues against tables: specifically, white ikea tables
scotty is my depresso espresso
jason is.......well, hes jason. dad. drake and josh star, dad. failed actor. dad. failed comedian. dad.
josh is the reference machine *beep bop boop^^^hug me brother^^^*
david is my automatic smol bean
carly, the pink haired troll doll
erin giljoy*maybe*, arron miltoy*maybe*, sharon malfoy*maybe*, erin gilfoy*nahhh thassa weird name*
matt is my name-and-shamer
heath is my cowboy *baby* *i wanna be a cooowboy baaaaby*
durte dom: std expert
corinna is my s.l.u.t.(sweet lil unforgettable thing, no slut shaming here, only goddess naming)
toddy: greek god
bignik ~ wow almost forgot him, didnt see his name on the list. wow i guess not seeing really works with height AND anything else, because hes a boring ass b-

i love all my children *looks at paper*, ape boi, stabby boi, gossip gorl, icy dead people, stapler dude, multidimensional tentacle, has-been violin

jawn is my baby, dont you DARE hurt him

my favourite anime:
10. every anime
9. is special
8. in its own way
7. with different qualities
6. and different characteristics
5. displayed in each character
4. so i definitely couldnt choose
3. my favourite anime.........
1.M Y H E R O A C A D E M I A

Seriously though, imma try to write some fan fic, ive got a lot written, but its more just deciding what im actually gonna finish first, so i can publish at regular intervals 😂
liiike, once every day? would that be frequent? im talking to you. *fourth wall shatters*
*becomes deadpool*
*stab stab*

I go to a grammar school, so i WOULD hope that im not illiterate or yunno..... a bad writer. Probs wont be writing smut, so all y'all need to find somewhere else to get your weird headass stories. 😂😭
Ciao, byatches.
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