⚬Call me Kemy or Ky
⚬I may call you by a pet name, (sweetie, babe, etc) please forgive me if i do
⚬I don't really care about popularity, as long as people like what i write then :D <3
⚬I tend to put others before me and don't think about myself as often as I should
⚬I'm just a confused dazed girl with nothing but a passion for writing

⎾I could make a whole 50 page book explaining all the things wrong about me tbh⏋

⎾If you don't ever get something I'm trying to say, don't hurt yourself thinking too hard about it cause I am very complex and creative XD ⏋

⎾I don't fuxx around when it comes to my family and friends so don't try ⏋

⎾Loves, i'm pretty much always available to talk so if you need someone to vent to or have a mental breakdown with ; please do not hesitate to pm me <3 ⏋
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Story by Kemymae
【 Namjin Oneshots 】 by -yukoyuki
【 Namjin Oneshots 】
If you're an ARMY, then you know who the mom and dad of Bangtan are. Now as the title states, this is a bo...
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