The names ⓛⓔⓘⓖⓗ, ⓙ ⓛⓔⓘⓖⓗ... Haha 


ⓡⓐⓝⓓⓔⓜ ⓣⓗⓘⓝⓖⓢ ⓘ ⓢⓐⓨ:

Flying ants? Its either a fly or ant

'OH MY GOSH i thought the lollie you were eating was your tongue'

'im gonna go to the beach on a sunny day and pour glitter all over me and say 'LOOK IM A VAMPIRE!'

' you know i dont know what my parents cars look like sometimes, so i can see myself jumping into the wrong car then saying a random thing to have the driver slam his head down on the stearing wheel'

'randoming singing a inapropiate song during maths and having people look at you like you belong in mental house'

'me- mum look at this *doing a magic finger trick (which is awesome)*
mum- i dont no whats worse, you thinking its awsome or u finding it amusing
me- probably the amusing one, coz it is kinda funny
mum- crazy child *starts mumbling under breath*

"Mum you know how people pronounce Megan in 2 different ways?
mum- yes
well did one of them come from America and the other from England?
mum- *palm slam* they coming from the same origin
but it doesnt because they're pronounced differently so 1 comes from England
mum- *pushes me out of the stopped car for school, literally*

'I planted some noddles into the ground and 2 weeks later a plant started growing'

'driving through a hungry jacks drive through and they say they dont sell slushys with the meal
me- thats a bloody rippa!
mum- oh my god Jaimii, (unbelievable laughter)'

(friends talking about one direction) Zayn's half belguim or watever
me- ZAYNS HALF VIRGIN?!! how can u be half virgin?
(friends)- laughing, looking at me weirdly and shaking their heads at me...

'People always call me crazy and mental, but im never going to a therapist, why? well let me spell it out for you, the-rapist, im never laying in that room'

'me- found out there are cows also in america
mum- oh my goodness (looks at me like im not her child and belong to a mental hospital'

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Hey guys, it's been what? A year now?
            So sorry for the constant bypass of back with a secret. Last year was my last year in high school and I had to cut off all distractions. 
            But I'm back and read...
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