I know this is kinda late, but please stay safe and take care of your health everyone. I love you❤️ 


Hello, I hope you are doing okay and stay safe, and I wanted a say that your FF are really great and thanks you so much, and I really looking forward to more of your works 


Hello  I just found you ‘Changed’ fanfic, and it was amazing, i loved every seconds of it. I’m just curious whether the book is done,  discontinued or ongoing 


Sis I really love your books especially Complicated I really really love that , I hope you update more


Hey!! Just wanted to tell you I love your books. Plus are you going to update 'the help'. I hope I am not pressurizing you in any wst


Hello, I really hope I dont bother you or anything but I wanted to ask you if you deleted the crown prince? It was because I like to use read the same chapter over and over again but it’s ok, it’s your work and I hope you stay safe and keep up your good works thanks you  and merry Christmas ❤️


Sorry for the late reply sweetie, I took it down to edit some errors and fix some of the part that I’m not satisfied with. I’m glad you enjoy the story. Thanks ^^