「Difference between a normal person and a History major:

*a $100 bill is laying on the ground*

Normal person: *gasp* Is that a $100 bill?

History major: *gasp* IS THAT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN?」

Authoria Stylowrite, 'husband' of @Cavanglacavang (currently using matching icons), and therefore the pot to her flower. Not really a durable pot though (born on China's National Day, made in China), and is actually taken care of by flower. Loves the flower.

Suffering from 'the fox and the grapes' syndrome (a result of overwhelming optimism => self comfortation whenever in bad situation).

Procrastinates, loves Literature and History (but is talented at English), supports rare things (ships, shows, stories, using nylon bags for a better environment, etc.)

Is going to be overthrown by flower. (Or maybe has been from the start)

Naoki Tate - Yuya Takahashi - Naotoshi Shida working with each other is probably the best thing that has ever happened to the world. God bless these talented animators.

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