alessia, , seventeen, , depressed.

ʕ lana del rey is my world ʔ

ʚ ariana grande you're my sweet angel; thanks for existing ɞ

ミ(・ i'm pending my life falling deeper in luv with you? ↬ black bear.♡・)ミ

⊱ ๑ 나는 항상 너를 사랑해. ๑ ⊰ ♡ with all my heart and soul for liam payne. ♡

✧・゚:* my sky, my sun, my moon and all my stars are you; james franco. 彡

remember you're pretty in every way.

chica buena, con malos hábitos.

no la mires mucho a los ojos, puede que te lleve a su universo.
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