Oh hi
There's not much to see here

Welp About me I guess
•I'm 11 so stfu

•Musicals are life
•Something Rotten
•In the Heights

Shows are life
•Steven Universe
•Gravity Falls
•A Series of Unfortunate Events

Youtubers are life
•Thomas Sanders
•Jazzy Anne
•other people woop

Books Are Life
•Wings of Fire
Uh yeah

"If your gay
That's cool.
If your straight
That's cool.
If your pan
That's cool.
If your a lesbian
That's cool
If your trans
That's cool
If you discriminate someone because of their gender, sexuality, pronouns, or anything like that...

Go back to hell...where you came from"-me

"I would kill for them Storm Chapters™"-also me


•I'm a Disney nut

•I have 3 cats and 3 birbs

•I have a whopping 6 friends
•I mostly only hang out with 3 of them though

•I'm not sure about my sexuality so that's fun

Uh yeah...

Why did you waste your time reading this

OK bye you beautiful, amazing, lovely human peoples
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Random Thoughts and Stories I Have
take these stories I have about my life because my life is very weird have fun all of you beautiful peoples
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