i published a new chapter of 
          	'broken'! go check it out please. (:


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hey yall! thanks so so much for (almost) 400 on 'broken'! 
          this book has grown so incredibly fast and im so so glad to have you guys to be here with me along this crazy journey of the book! 
          as for the next chapter, i think it might take me longer than usual. this chapter is a VERY VERY heavy chapter to write, and it's really frustrating at times! hopefully you guys can understand! 
          again, thank you guys, so SO much for adding my book to your libraries and reading it and giving it some love! ive never had this with any of my other books, and i ended up unpublishing them all... so this shit means more than yall will ever know. love ya guys. <3


@-dangereyedangel I LOVE 'broken' so damn much! Totally understand how a chapter might frustrate you, so take your time & post when you're ready. I will definitely be waiting, as I'm sure others will also.


Hey there, sugar! Gotta say, I kinda had to give ya a follow just so I'd be able to find ya again later! The reading list ya added one of my stories to looks pretty interesting, and I'll gladly give your own works a shot–when I'm NOT feeling Inspired to write one of my own and can't focus on anything else! LOL!
          Hope ya enjoy that story of mine ya found and any others that strike your interest! Happy reading and writing!


thank you so much for your kindness!