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Here's some things about your local trashcan:
• I'm gay
• I like gay
• I read gay
• I write gay
• I consume gay
• Everything is gay

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

✪➳ Some of my reading lists may have a bunch of stories in random order and then the rest in alphabetical. This is because of my OCD that I'm trying to let go. I apologize.

✪➳ My current story is discontinued and unpublished .-.

✪➳ I have two BNHA reading lists because one has already reached it limit. Due to not realizing this sooner, I may have missed a lot of stories that I thought were added to the full list. The same with the uke reader & Haikyuu lists. I apologize.

➳ My 'LBTQA+' list is named like that on purpose. This is because I've already created a separate reading list for non-fanfiction gay stories.

✪➳ My 'x Male Uke' stories may not all be uke/bottom reader. I put all stories labeled "x male reader" there unless it includes the key word "seme", "top", or "dominant". Those are added to the 'x Male Seme' list. Even if I read and find out one of the stories I put in the 'Uke' list is actually supposed to be in 'Seme', I'll most likely forget to add it. I apologize.

➳ My 'BL' list mainly consists of Chinese stories, not because I'm into that thing, but because many of you guys seem to enjoy them. So if I come across any, I'll add it to the list for your entertainment.

➳ About the Shyan stories in the 'Buzzfeed Unsolved' list, I do ship it, but not heavily. I have no problem with letting them just stay as friends.

✤ Pisces
✤ Raging Homosexual [and possibly demi] (Dom)
✤ Artist
✤ Fudan/Fujo
✤ In too many fandoms

✧ Go follow @chrobins if you're a cool kid ✧

If you have any questions regarding the lists, my stories, or just me, feel free to ask in the discussions section ✌
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Sorry for not saying this before, but happy pride month everyone : )
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