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"She was a strong cup of black coffee in a world that was drunk on the cheap wine of shallow love" -JmStorm

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> What my life basically consists of:
- My lovely journal.
- Midnight coffees.
- Romantic/Psychotic novels.
- Gossips. (Sorry, still a teenager :P)
- All nighters listening to NTB.
- Sketching Princesses... not.
- Reading H.S fanfictions.
- Watching OITNB.
- And nutella ♡

"Bruno Mars thinks I'm amazing just the way i am, what else do i need?"

•Life tbh•: @MollyIsWriting
(Follow her or the Cookie Monster will eat you, i heard he eats people now.)

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•When someone says Badass Queen•: @d_bell

•Such a pretty Face On A Pretty Neck•: @suicidedays

~If you like harry styles then give me a hug mate~

~I am dark chocolate obsessed, my love for it is unhealthy, just like the chocolate itself~

~copyrights © #strictlysingle: all rights received.~

~Half princess, half ninja, half psycho..basically I'm Gemini, deal with it.~

~I have a favorite eyebrow.~

~Autocorrect makes me say things i didn't Nintendo"~

~I always get nervous before saying the word Worcestershire sauce~

~I love what i did before Wattpad.~

~One thing i despise, Fuckboys.~


"Heard you're a player, nice to meet you, I'm the coach."


Surprised you actually came this far, now we can talk marriage.

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