if you’ve ever liked me, please say something now. i’m deleting this account in a few days and i wanna stay in touch with everyone. 


          	  i’m trying not to, love. 


          	  noo chocolate d-dont go :c


@-LUGUBRIOUS- I do of course


Hey bubs! I know we don't know each other but wanted to remind you that everyone is here to support you! Remember, your beautiful, gorgeous inside and outside. Please don't let anyone get to you. You are unique and I know you are really strong! So please keep smiling and show the whole world how strong and brave you are!~ 
          You, me and everyone suffered. Life is harsh bubba and I know it hurts so much that sometimes you just don't wanna live anymore. But if you look closely bubbie, there are few people who loves you! Like me! I love you and  your friends love you! If you don't have friends then your family! If you don't have good relationship with your family then I'm here! 
          Just remember, your brave, smart, wise, talented, beautiful, gorgeous, nice, sweet, caring, loving, sassy, wonderful, amazing. You are PERFECT
          So love yourself, love is nothing stronger then a army with luv~
          If you need friends or someone to share problems then you can always come to me sweets! I'm always here to listen and help people with all my best! 
          And I LOVE YOUUU❤❤❤❤
          ~Sincerely Junkuk