You'll Never Understand That I Can't Take This Anymore. Despite Your Pleads And Cries I Still Don't Get Why You Need Me. I'm Nothing. Never Was, Never Will Be. I May Have Been Your Painkiller, Your Drug. Something To Get You Back To Your Neutral Faze, Back To "Normal". But I Was Nothing In The End. I Still Am. I Know You Lost Him. I Lost Him Too. His Departure Just Made Me Feel Like Death Took My Everything Away. I'm Nothing Without Him. Just An Empty Body, Corrupted By The Likes Of This World. Just An Empty Body, Waiting To Be Filled With Pills. Just An Empty Body, Waiting To Be Filled With A Permanent Bullet, Or Just An Empty Body, Waiting To Be Hanged By A Rope. You'll Never Understand, How Much Leaving Is Gonna Hurt Me, But You'll Never Ever Understand, How Much Its Gonna Hurt Me Knowing You'll Leave After Me. 


Goodbye may seem like forever
          Farewell is like the end
          But in my heart is a memory
          And you'll always be there...
          I love you big brother...
          ~your little waffle....


still havent given up believing...you will come back...you're strong...we miss you so bad....i love you, we all love you and we always will.


I hide my tears when i say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile and seem carefree there is no one who misses you more than me...