Saihara and Ouma are in love and I am gay for Tenko

Hola mi nombre es Estarkey :')

-I have an unhealthy addiction to Danganronpa V3 if you can't tell already
- Ouma is mine and mine only

-I can not write or draw for the life of me tbh

-Cats are adorable smol things that need to be protected

-I have no life XD

-I'm hyper and energetic 24/7. I love talking to others so if you need someone to talk to I'm here willing to help or give advice whenever you need.

-Life is precious and shouldn't be wasted, youth is not forever

-Love everyone but limit access

-The closer you are to someone the more conflicts you have, because you always have expectations for the other person

-Conflicts are normally uncommunicated expectations

-What you say should be uplifting and not to bring the other person down

Before you ask, yes I'm Christian and I'm not afraid to share my beliefs. I'm also a crazy Hispanic (:

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Stories by Gay 4 Tenko
Art and Rant Book by -Estarkey-
Art and Rant Book
Just random crap I have to share
Danganronpa Roleplay by -Estarkey-
Danganronpa Roleplay
because I was bored ;p
Danganronpa Oneshots by -Estarkey-
Danganronpa Oneshots
want to see my awful writing well, here ya go ;D