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Remember I'm foxyhate just made a new account. So pretty much I'm Bella Cipher! Also, I'm taken by someone already- IT'S WEIRD BEING MARRIED-

So @-Bill__Cipher- it's me!

Wattpad family:

Dad: @-Bill__Cipher-

Step dad: @purpleguy2234


Mom: @DJ_Springtraps_Faygo

Son: @MansonFanboy

Daughter: @-Ally_Fazbear-

Brother: @_Flowey_the_flower_

Sister: @-_Cry-Baby_-


Cousin: @XxTweek__TweakxX

Grandma: @SpringTrap170


There can be more than one
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~Bella Cipher~
Hiya! My dad is Bill Cipher as you know!
~Del Sutcliff~
My dad is Grell Sutcliff. I'm a Grim Reaper. I love a certain demon~ The way he acts towards me he blushes when he sees me. Tries not to mess up talking to me.. I'll tell you who~ Claude..
Admin: Anyone up to being her dad?
Hi! I'm Alice Claude's daughter! I am a demon too! I'm a mix of Wolf and Cat. So I'm a Wolf Cat demon!
~Harley Quinn~
Hiya guys! I'm Harley Quinn! Hope we can be friends!
~Toni the clock~
Hey guys I'm Toni the clock. Never disrespect time.
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