Name: "A-Andru" the neko boy spoke in a scared tone.
Sex: "W-Would you like to find out?" He asked with a light smirk.
Age: "I happen to be 15..." Andru said with his tail flicking.
Height: "I'm a bit tall for my age... I'm 5'7.." Andru spoke, looking away as he tried to hide a blush.
Weight: "I'm around 96 lbs.. I'm underweight for my height and age....B-But that's because I don't eat a lot...." He said in a low tone.
Sexuality: "I-I am bisexual..." Andru said in a scared tone.
Occupation: "I'm a sex slave...I don't have any master yet, but if you're willing to be my master you can PM me.... B-But just because I'm a sex slave doesn't mean I have a bit of a kinky side too..." Andru spoke as his tail swung from embarrassment.
Species: "I'm a male neko..." He answered.
"If you'd like to be my master please PM...You can be male or female....But please don't get mad at me for being shy..."
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I haven't been on this account since April.... wow.... I'm barely on... if any of y'all were role-playing and I haven't responded please PM me... and my friend actually made an account and she's new...
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Andru The Neko Sex Slave by -Andru-
Andru The Neko Sex Slave
H-Hello...m-my name is Andru...this all you need t-to know about me...