JWI September - #AdventureEdition

Summer is almost over, there’s no denying it. But before you hang up your shorts and sandals, we want you to pack your bags and get ready—we’re daring you to do something wild.

For September’s #JustWriteIt, we want you to send summer out with a bang by taking us with you on one last incredible adventure.

What kind of adventure, you ask? That’s completely up to you. Bring a friend for the voyage, or go on it alone. Write about a real life experience or dream one up. Always wanted to skydive? Now’s your chance. Thinking about trying out a weird new food? Hey, culinary adventures also count!

It’s not so much what you write about, all that matters is that you give it everything you’ve got. Because when you really think about it—writing is a pretty epic adventure in and of itself.

So gather your courage, grab your gear (or at least your laptop or tablet) and let’s get this saga started. Just make sure to tag your story #JustWriteIt and #AdventureEdition so others can find it.

Let the adventure begin!

I, ,
will write a story of at least 10,000 words over the next 30 days.

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