When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l.s.) by thighhighlarry
When The Smoke Is In Your Eyes (l... by - Fanfiction
'I don't wanna be your friend, I wanna kiss your neck' Copyright 2014, thighhighlarry. All Rights Reserved.
Grey - l.s. in finnsh by LauraJumppainen
Grey - l.s. in finnsh by Laura Jumppainen Fanfiction
Harry Styles on tottunut pitämään kaikki langat omissa käsissään. Hänen maailmansa on siisti, kurinalainen ja täysin tyhjä - kunnes eräänä päivänä Louis Tomlinson kompur...
The Evil Boss- L.S by Tommoy
The Evil Boss- L.S by Monica Fanfiction
Louis is the new secretary for the famous CEO Harry Styles, who has had a record for breaking hearts. Almost instantly, Louis hates the man yet lusts after him all toget...
Yin Yang {Ziall Horlik} by ziallstan
Yin Yang {Ziall Horlik} by ❤️ Fanfiction
Niall was always so positive. He was the one who always had something good to say about people. He's the type of person to be extremely happy all of the time and try to...
Learn To Speak; Kidnapped  (Ziall) by CraicPie
Learn To Speak; Kidnapped (Ziall) by \alice/ Fanfiction
*COMPLETED* "Ever since their last interview in Manhattan, New York-" "There is still no sign of the young pop sensation-" "New York has been...
Alpha Wolf ➙ z.h (BoyxBoy/Mpreg) by tomlinsvn-
Alpha Wolf ➙ z.h (BoyxBoy/Mpreg) by problematic fav Werewolf
soon to be alpha zayn malik has a growing obsession with one of the omega boys, niall horan. - © 2016 tomlinsvn- Inc., ALL RIGHTS RESERVED [Published on March 5th...
Ziall Horlik One Shots by larry_stylinson956
Ziall Horlik One Shots by HarryTol LouisSmol Fanfiction
These are One Shots between Zayn and Niall. Some are smutty some are fluffly. There will also be mine own and some will also be form Ao3. So be warn, Some long Some shor...
Mine ♡ Ziall/Niam/Narry/Nouis/Zianourry AU [COMPLETE] by cptnrogers
Mine ♡ Ziall/Niam/Narry/Nouis/Zian... by lexi!! Fanfiction
"I'm gonna ask him out." "What? No, you aren't. I am." "No...I am." "You're all wrong. I am." -- Or the one where Niall's four be...
The Comfort Of No One (Ziall Horlik) ~(BoyxBoy) by MyOtherDays
The Comfort Of No One (Ziall Horli... by Sami Fanfiction
"Not All Scars Show Not All Scars Heal Often We Don't See The pain someone feels" "The Worst Kind Of Pain Is When You're Smiling Just To Stop The Tears...
The Ghost Counselor [Ziall] [MAJOR EDITING] by zarrycupcake
The Ghost Counselor [Ziall] [MAJOR... by ramie Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] [MAJOR EDITING i am re-writing some of the characters and taking out parts and re-writing them, so this may seem confusing to read right now. as of today, ch...
The Rematch (Ziall Horlik)AU M-Preg by BriannaLynnC98
The Rematch (Ziall Horlik)AU M-Preg by Brianna Lynn C. Fanfiction
(Sequel to The Fighter) You can take the fighter out of the fight, but you can't take fight out of the fighter. Niall was a happy, stay at home father of two. He loved t...
Son of Lucifer by cravingzaynx
Son of Lucifer by jimbles Fanfiction
Falling in love was simple--but the dance with the devil wasn't. cravingzaynx©2015//completed 14/8/17
I Hated You First ➸ Larry  by guardianzayngels
I Hated You First ➸ Larry by :▼: ZAYNGELS :▼: Fanfiction
[COMPLETE | AU] With some demons haunting him from his past, Harry is excited to start college to get a relaxed escape from his home life, but stress is only added on hi...
International Love. ✈ z.h. by ziallwritings
International Love. ✈ z.h. by m Fanfiction
❝i'm a popstar love; do you know how famous i am?❞ ❝honey, youtube gets just as many views alright? do you know how famous i am?❞ or the one where zayn is a popstar...
Il ne sera jamais à moi (Ziall) - RÉÉCRITURE by Mag_And_Niall
Il ne sera jamais à moi (Ziall)... by × [ Nialler ] × Fanfiction
Zayn ne m'aime pas... --------------- New réécriture de Ziall! L'histoire ne m'appartient en aucun cas! L'auteur de cet histoire est @mukeperfect :)
"Just Friends" || Larry Stylinson by secondguessit
"Just Friends" || Larry Stylinson by esme styles Romance
Harry and Louis both are in the Battle of the Bands. Harry is a part of the group called White Eskimo, and Louis a part of the Rogue. There they meet, and Harry immediat...
Horan's Orchids by lucyreadsziall
Horan's Orchids by lucyreadsziall Fanfiction
Niall Horan has to work at his mother's flower shop, which he most certainly doesn't want to do. But when a man called Zayn, with a hardcore kind of look starts visiting...
My Mystery Lover (Ziall AU) by WouldntLast_1Day
My Mystery Lover (Ziall AU) by Christelle <3 Fanfiction
"Targeting?" Niall questioned, finally glad he could get some answers. "He won't stop 'til you surrender. He'll do whatever it takes. He'll hurt whoever j...
Vendido » ziall. by niallloveshazz
Vendido » ziall. by harry touching nialls bum Random
Nombre: Niall Horan. Edad: Dieciocho. Origen: Irlanda. Condición: Esclavo muy conveniente, buenos músculos fuertes, buena apariencia, virgen. [TOD...
Star67 « Ziall by zmelec
Star67 « Ziall by صوفيا (Sophia) Fanfiction
"He's the type of boy who has the power to take your heart and shatter it into a million pieces and take every organ out of your body and empty your veins onto the...