Baby "Jayn" by DirectionY0u
Baby "Jayn" by -Sི- Fanfiction
"Am Jayn" "Zayn, huh?" "How old are you?" "Twee" © directiony0u Cover: @zuhayn
|Hey Angel| Niall Centric by Olivia5Hemmings
|Hey Angel| Niall Centric by Lashton's Love Child Fanfiction
Where Niall is sent down to earth to watch over 4 hunters. Or Where Niall is an emotionless angel and the boys protect the city from supernatural creatures. What happens...
Niall Centric Stories by harryxniall18
Niall Centric Stories by Ivana D.V. Fanfiction
Hi, guys so this is Niall Centric book. If you have some ideas for the stories, Just leave the description in the comments or you can message me. I will 100% write it AS...
Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall) by ziallstan
Hi, I'm Harry's Cousin (Ziall) by ❤️ Fanfiction
Traumatic incidents happen. This one being Niall's mother passing away. Now he has to go live with his Auntie Anne. Harry isn't the little brat he used to be. He introd...
i study rainbows //l.s by whenitrains139
i study rainbows //l.s by Larry Stylinson Fanfiction
harry is the new boy at school with a particularly troubled past, who is completely and openly gay. he discovers troubles when he realizes that not everyone is as accept...
Larry's parent || مرض طفلي || -L.S (+18) by larryystylinson28
Larry's parent || مرض طفلي || -L.S... by Larry28 Fanfiction
مرض طفله جعله عاهر يعمل باحدي الحانات ليكون قادر علي دفع مبلغ عمليته وينصدم لوي بمعرفه مرض طفله بسببه ... "انت لعنه هاري.." "ا اقسم لك لم اسرق الملف"...
Esperanza {Larry Stylinson M-preg} by LarryBlueGreen97
Esperanza {Larry Stylinson M-preg} by Dani Fanfiction
Despues de la muerte de su hijo, Louis y Harry tratan de salir adelante y resignados a estar solos, nace una nueva oportunidad de ellos para ser padre.
Little Omega (Zianourry fanfic) by FemaleBoss69
Little Omega (Zianourry fanfic) by FemaleBoss69 Fanfiction
He's their little omega. Disclaimers I do NOT own One Direction, this is simply a fictional story...
The Frozen Heart (Ziall) by Caliske_XP
The Frozen Heart (Ziall) by Lisa Fanfiction
People are scared of me. Scared of my appearance Scared of my touch Scared of my presence Because I am a freak I didn't ask for this 'gift'. I didn't want to freeze ever...
Our Human (Zianourry) by Harry-in-panties
Our Human (Zianourry) by Harry's Rings Fanfiction
[Highest ranking: #110 in Fanfiction] Humans know all about werewolves and vampires. Humans are considered the lowest species, the weakest. Some humans, however, are m...
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy) [Completed] by underseaeternity
One Direction One Shots (BoyxBoy)... by Grace and Marissa!! Fanfiction
Hey guys!! Bromance one shots only in this story!!! So we usually only do fluff but we do smut too (Maybe not great smut but yeah cut me some slack!) Every one shot you...
Married To A Larry Shipper || Larry Stylinson by LouAndI_Larry
Married To A Larry Shipper || Larr... by Lecree Fanfiction
"I love you my beautiful wife." "Shut up, Harry. You're gay and that's that." ~Or~ Harry is married and his wife swears he's in love with Louis. || R...
Run  (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56
Run (Zianourry) by averagefangirl56 Fanfiction
This is the story of an ignored Niall and how he dealt with it. By leaving one direction. Takes place during the Where We are Now tour. Hey! The story will be better th...
Work It z.h  by ziallfiles
Work It z.h by Carter Simmons Fanfiction
[ziall ; coming soon] In which Zayn is infatuated with one of his classmates Niall, and the younger boy tries his best to stay out of Zayn's way [ziall au]
One Direction Memories  by Jaffacake30
One Direction Memories by Jaffacake30 Random
Keeping our One Direction memories alive.
Protecting Niall (zianourry superpower au) by Nialls_Hazza
Protecting Niall (zianourry superp... by It's ya girl Fanfiction
He was created to protect the world, to save mankind from the worst threat possible, but who is going to save him? In which Niall is a biologically modified superhuman c...
TARGET {NIALL CENTRIC} by Manyadirectioner
TARGET {NIALL CENTRIC} by Manyadirectioner Fanfiction
Niall Horan comes to Doncaster to find out that he has four vampires after him.
Lowkey  {Niall Centric} by Foodislife2001
Lowkey {Niall Centric} by Where's the food? Fanfiction
Niall had a hard time choosing his favorite band member, so he chose them all. ~ This is a collab between PlayingLove and Foodislife2001 ~
*Niall Centric* One Shots by HoransWife98
*Niall Centric* One Shots by Horan_is_my_Hubby Fanfiction
I am no longer taking request I am so sorry if I never did yours! Please don't stop reading. DISCLAIMER: I do not own One Direction.
Irresistible [A Zarry Fanfiction]. by 1Dreamteam
Irresistible [A Zarry Fanfiction]. by HayłeyBear Styłik ♥ Fanfiction
He was the teacher... He was the class bad boy... He was Irresistible. Zayn Malik was known throughout Greater Bradford High School as the bad boy. When he’s in lessons...