When Worlds Collide - A Zayn Malik Fanfic by kelliemayann
When Worlds Collide - A Zayn Kellie
"There's no such thing as soul mates. I mean just because someone is perfect for you doesn't mean you're meant to be with them. The thing about love is that it's un...
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Battle To Be Free (z.m) by xLooseVanillax
Battle To Be Free (z.m)by xLooseVanillax
Escaping from one gang just to be caught by another is unlucky especially when the leader of the gang happens to be the ruthless Zayn Malik. He's insanely attractive but...
  • one-direction
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Gigi. ☞ Malik.® by sarcasmalik
Gigi. ☞ Malik.®by nobody trusts me;
You: "Te odio." You: "Dios, Zayn, te odio demasiado." You: "Y no tienes idea de lo horrible que es porque siempre he estado ahí, apoyándote y sé...
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Conflicted by batmantho
Conflictedby jae
One day while he visits one of his family's country-clubs, he meets her.
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Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik Fanfiction*// Completed by veryzaynn
Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik iz
"How are we one?" I questioned as tears spilled from my eyes. "I mean, how?" A smile grew on Zayn's face and he rubbed away the tears that landed on...
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The Violent.《Z.M》 by The_Monster_MK
The Violent.《Z.M》by Mona
"You will keep struggling but at the end you will always be in my firm hold." All right reserved 2016©The_Monster_MK
  • romance
  • dirty
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Secrets (Zayn Malik) by One_direction94
Secrets (Zayn Malik)by One_direction94
Alyson Tomlinson A normal 20 year old British girl, who happens to be one of the sisters of Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of One Direction. But what happens when this girl finds...
  • louis
  • payne
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 انْــتِــقَــام || Z.M by shaimaa_21
انْــتِــقَــام || Z.Mby شٰ
"أنا أَغبَىٰ شَخصٌ بِهذَا العَالَمُ اللَعِين." قَالَ مُطَأطِأً رَأسَهُ بِألمٍ و ندمٍ. "أنتَ لمْ تُذنِبْ! هي كَانَتْ تعلَمُ تَمامَ العِلمِ أَنَّكَ صَدِيقُ...
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One Direction's Daughters (Fan Fiction) by Smidget_captainswan
One Direction's Daughters (Fan Bridget
The year is 2032, One Direction is now old news. Oddly enough all of their daughter's decide to audition for the X Factor, What will happen when they get reunited again...
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Shy Boy - Zayn Malik by girlMichaelGC
Shy Boy - Zayn Malikby 1d5soslove
She is bound to figure him out. He is shy and mysterious. He was always the shy one. He hates him and his name, he gets bullied by school jocks, he barely eats, he has s...
  • scars
  • anxiety
  • zaynmaliklovestory
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To Touch-z.j.m {au} [[complete]] by thisisastandup69
To Touch-z.j.m {au} [[complete]]by thisisastandup69
"it wasn't even sexual, he was just...feeling me. like all he wanted touch."
  • zayn
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Ahora estoy aquí (Zayn Malik) by MQueen13
Ahora estoy aquí (Zayn Malik)by MQueen13
Ella: No sé como lo intente. No sé como me atreví. No sé como funcionó. No sé como lo cumplí. No sé como lo eh hechizado en cuerpo y alma. No sé...
  • popfic
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The Arts by drxnken_ziall
The Artsby ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
"Why do you keep popping up everywhere I go?" I snap at him, "are you following me or something?" "You know what sucks" he turns to me, ign...
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» Tell Me A Lie » by zartisitc
» Tell Me A Lie »by faiza
''H-How could y-you?' I whisper as my voice cracks. Zayn pulls away from this girl and looks at me surprised. 'H-Heather? When did you get here?' he says backing away fr...
  • humor
  • heartbreak
  • zaynfanfic
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The Nanny 2 -Zayn Malik by adoringzayn
The Nanny 2 -Zayn Malikby Lisa
{Sequel to The Nanny} The last thing they shared was a kiss or at least that's what we think. (There will be sexual content in this story.) ©adoringzayn, All Rights Rese...
  • onedirection
  • thenanny
  • zaynmalikfanfic
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Dress Me ||z.m. by TeaIsForTimi
Dress Me || Timi
**Book 2 titled Keep Me is up** The lights were off, all except the emergency light that flickered every now and then. I got chills just being here by my lonesome... at...
  • kekepalmer
  • humor
  • zaynmalik
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It's always been you by Maayyaa
It's always been youby Maya
I can only tell you a thought of my own hopes. It is to know that love exists for real in the human world. All kinds of it. The bigger and the smaller, the most absurd o...
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¡Zayn, no te cases! {SIN EDITAR} by LostInParadise-
¡Zayn, no te cases! {SIN EDITAR}by -inactived-
Zayn había hecho algo que nadie hubiese esperado: Comprometerse con su novia de año y medio, Perrie. Chanel y él han sido amigos desde niños pero aún así, él sabe que...
  • zerrie
  • vanessahudgens
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The lycan eyes [Z.M] by LeidySanchez072
The lycan eyes [Z.M]by Daniela Sanchez
Se prohibe cualquier copia, modificación o alteración a esta obra, de ser asi se recurrira a medidas legales.
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Clouds by rollercoasterzayn
Cloudsby Vannie LoVeZ ™
Just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body. She looks at him like she just realized what love feels like. I was destined to be yours...
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