Dangerous (Zayn Malik) by chandlerlicious
Dangerous (Zayn Malik) by Megan Fanfiction
TV NEWSCAST - Don't leave your house as it is unsafe until this man is found. He might be armed, we really don't know for sure. Better to stay inside! I was the girl not...
Battle To Be Free (z.m) by xLooseVanillax
Battle To Be Free (z.m) by xLooseVanillax Fanfiction
Escaping from one gang just to be caught by another is unlucky especially when the leader of the gang happens to be the ruthless Zayn Malik. He's insanely attractive but...
We Wanted It That Way || Zayn Malik Arranged Marriage by authorsbeauty
We Wanted It That Way || Zayn Mali... by yasmeen Fanfiction
✓ || Zayn and Elena are two normal people who met at the street by chance and liked each others immediately. Elena was 19 years old and according to her father's will be...
Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU] by SykesorStyles
Do I Scare You?- [Zayn Malik AU] by ☯ t a n i s h a ☯ Fanfiction
❝I'm not perfect, and neither is he, but together we're as close to perfection as one can ever be.❞ © All Rights Reserved: SykesorStyles © before reading, if you're a d...
ALIW SA BATIS by badliarhoe
ALIW SA BATIS by mi$$ mAtIlDa 01 Romance
Mga kalibugan sa batis sa banda ng pagawaan ng patis, abangan sa Aliw sa Batis!
Please Don't Leave Me || z.m. *COMPLETED* by 1975-Narry
Please Don't Leave Me || z.m. *COM... by ❀ Ari ❀ Fanfiction
"I'm sorry it has to end this way," he told me. We were sitting on a park bench in a deserted park . I was wearing his jacket since it was cold out. The wind w...
Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik Fanfiction*// Completed by veryzaynn
Arranged Love? *Zayn Malik Fanfict... by iz Fanfiction
"How are we one?" I questioned as tears spilled from my eyes. "I mean, how?" A smile grew on Zayn's face and he rubbed away the tears that landed on...
Once in a Lifetime (Zayn Malik) by emmawrites1D
Once in a Lifetime (Zayn Malik) by Emma Fanfiction
When Perrie asks Mia to plan the wedding of Zerrie, things don't go exactly as planned. Things take a turn for Mia as she starts to unexpectedly fall for her friend's f...
Clouds by rollercoasterzayn
Clouds by Vannie LoVeZ ™ Fanfiction
Just a touch of your love is enough to take control of my whole body. She looks at him like she just realized what love feels like. I was destined to be yours...
Conflicted by batmantho
Conflicted by jae Fanfiction
One day while he visits one of his family's country-clubs, he meets her.
Secrets (Zayn Malik) by One_direction94
Secrets (Zayn Malik) by One_direction94 Fanfiction
Alyson Tomlinson A normal 20 year old British girl, who happens to be one of the sisters of Louis Tomlinson, 1/5 of One Direction. But what happens when this girl finds...
Zayn Malik Imagines by TheEpicTaco
Zayn Malik Imagines by Żøë Fanfiction
Short imagines with Zayn for Directioners to enjoy! :)
Back Of The Class (Zayn Malik AU) by exoheaux
Back Of The Class (Zayn Malik AU) by exoheaux Fanfiction
Violet, the new exchange student, was welcomed by the mysterious bad boy Zayn. She thought he was a sweet and nice guy but he turns out to the total opposite.
Shy Boy - Zayn Malik by girlMichaelGC
Shy Boy - Zayn Malik by 1d5soslove Fanfiction
She is bound to figure him out. He is shy and mysterious. He was always the shy one. He hates him and his name, he gets bullied by school jocks, he barely eats, he has s...
The Difference Between by Dazed_Love
The Difference Between by Samantha Fanfiction
Excerpt: He knew exactly what he was doing to me. When he finally did move over my underwear, his fingers got to work doing what they did best. I grabbed onto his arm, n...
My Love (a One Direction Fanfic) by onedirection604
My Love (a One Direction Fanfic) by onedirection604 Fanfiction
When 19 year old, Nicole, gets to tour with one direction. She begins to fall in love with the 20 year old Liam Payne. Follow them though the tough struggles of being a...
The Untold Truth (Zayn Malik fanfiction) by lover207
The Untold Truth (Zayn Malik fanfi... by Smile Girl Fanfiction
The truth lies in her past!! Smile Roberts an 18 year old girl, moves to California for college. She was trying to hide her past. Everything was planned until she met Z...
ROYAL // Z.M by malikdepth
ROYAL // Z.M by Ayesha ☁ Fanfiction
42 Girls. 1 Prince. 1 Crown. Being Selected is something girls dream of. Living in the palace and not only being the Queen of world but also of the gorgeous Prince Zayn...
Gigi. ☞ Malik.® by sarcasmalik
Gigi. ☞ Malik.® by fack Fanfiction
You: "Te odio." You: "Dios, Zayn, te odio demasiado." You: "Y no tienes idea de lo horrible que es porque siempre he estado ahí, apoyándote y sé...
The Pianist - One Direction by elinandersson
The Pianist - One Direction by Elin Fanfiction
"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo