His One and Only Agape by musicrider
His One and Only Agapeby musicrider
hi everyone I'm (F/n) katsuki I'm a figure skater like my older brother Yuuri Katsuki. Well in a way you can say I don't really know people unless it's my family I alwa...
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Escapist (Yuri Plisetsky Fanfiction) by LureEndsCallIn
Escapist (Yuri Plisetsky Fanfictio...by akashi's waifu
"Do you really have to run away?" he asks me as he tightens his grip on my hand. It takes me by surprise because he usually yells at me or even makes me feel...
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Angel [Victor Nikiforov] by pale-blueheart
Angel [Victor Nikiforov]by [エマ]
Shirayuki Mizore, an ice skater from Japan that's widely known. But after a fall she decides to take a break from her ice skating career, and for now stay in Japan. Fina...
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His Bear-Chan [Victor Nikiforov X Reader]  by Panda_Chan74
His Bear-Chan [Victor Nikiforov X...by jeon_jungkook.ies
[•~•][•~•][•~•][•~•][•~•][•~•][•~•] Hey guys it's Panda_Chan74/ Panda/ or Author-Chan whatever you wanna call me, so if you haven't noticed I made a new story. And a lit...
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Beautiful ~ Victor X Reader by DemonWeirdUnicorn
Beautiful ~ Victor X Readerby Kris Rose
When the Russian gold medalist, Viktor Nikiforov moves to the small town of Hasetsu to coach Yuuri Katsuki, your old rink mate, your best friend despite your objections...
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The tides: Otayuri Fanfic  by Laurelbae202
The tides: Otayuri Fanfic by Anime_Gal
{ COMPLETED } Otabek longs for something more then what his parents want him to do. He wants to venture out to sea with the person he loves and spend the rest of his lif...
  • otabek
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Punishment Time (Stress Reliever Sequel) by maryy_rossy
Punishment Time (Stress Reliever S...by Daddy
Yuri misbehaves while they are out and Viktor and Yuuri give him a punishment.
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VictorxYuri ||Yuri!!! On ice|| by kawaiikiller97
VictorxYuri ||Yuri!!! On ice||by kawaiikiller97
Just short stories that go along with YURI on ice as I wait a grueling week for each episode to come out. I publish daily or every other day. Warning: contains smut also...
  • boyxboy
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Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (VictorxYuri) (yaoi) by BabyPuffies
Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (V...by Potatobow
#angst Everything was perfect as if nothing could rip their happiness apart. The time they had spent together were something Yuri couldn't have asked for more. Until o...
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Time To Make History (Yuri on Ice x Reader) by PlzLuvMeh
Time To Make History (Yuri on Ice...by PlzLuvMeh
(Various Yuri on Ice x Crossdressing! Reader) (M/N) (L/N), a 22 year old male skater known for his grace and flexibility. However, no one knows that he is actually a...
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Skating Princess - Victor x Reader  by KM_Future
Skating Princess - Victor x Reader by Jeoja-nim
(Y/n) (l/n). A star skater in Hasetsu, Kyushu. She has been skating for years. Ever since she was a kid, but every time someone like her friend, Yuko Nishigōri, suggest...
  • victorxreader
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Stuck in Yuri on Ice | Yuri Plisetsky x reader by tangychanyeol
Stuck in Yuri on Ice | Yuri Pliset...by orange
(Y/N) (L/N) is a 15 year old gold medalist in skating and just finished her season. Just before (Y/N) could take a rest she gets a important call from one of her friends...
  • romance
  • figureskating
  • yurikatsuki
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Yuri on Ice FanFic Mafia au by karengoldenau
Yuri on Ice FanFic Mafia auby karengoldenau
The Russian Mafia visit Japan, What is going to happen? Yuri is the son of the leading Japan Mafia group Hasetsu ninjas. However he is not that confident in succeeding h...
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The King of the Ice (Victuri) by HartoStirling17
The King of the Ice (Victuri)by Leontes The King
His name was Victor Nikiforov. Silver hair, blue eyes, and a smile that could charm anyone. His talent for ice skating led him to the top of every podium he competed for...
  • yuurikatsuki
  • fanfiction
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Fictional character X readers by adventuretimefanitc
Fictional character X readersby Eyebags
Various oneshots with fictional characters from anime, games, vocaloid and cartoons. Requests are CLOSED for the time being, if I don't get to yours right away don't wo...
  • attackontitan
  • romance
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Yuri on Ice!! X Reader by teatime__
Yuri on Ice!! X Readerby cinnamon - bun
Got caught in YOI - enjoy the scenarios, lemons, bad ends, good ends, est!
  • yurionice
  • ôn
  • iceonyuri
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Yuri!!! On ice Oneshots (Various x Reader) [Requests Closed!] by chels_fangirl_
Yuri!!! On ice Oneshots (Various x...by Jeon-Cena
Yuri!!! On ice character Oneshots! Fluffy, goofy and even a little bit naughty ;D { Requests are Closed!} { I don't own Yuri!!! On ice or any of the characters } { Warn...
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Sugar by Nyridian
Sugarby LoveHändel
Yuuri Katsuki es un estudiante de veterinaria al cual solo le falta un semestre para poder graduarse y regresar a Japón, pero sus planes se ven interrumpidos cuando un d...
  • yuurikatsuki
  • seungchuchu
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Yuri!! On ice- One Shots (Requests open) by GLEfiction
Yuri!! On ice- One Shots (Requests...by Glee
I'll do some X readers, and some a few Victuuri oneshots. I would LOVE requests, and I hope everyone enjoys! XD
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Yuri !!! At Hogwarts by KateBlades
Yuri !!! At Hogwartsby M.K. Blades
"Viktor !" I exclaimed a bit too loudly. What am I doing ? I tought. He stopped at my table. He looked down on me and smiled. "Well, hello there. I thin...
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