Forbidden (Lesbian Story) by xXBlueSkittleXx
Forbidden (Lesbian Story)by Stephanie Ashryver
Ryo, a girl shrouded in mystery and cold to those around her. To all but the Princess... Yuka, the heir to her kingdom and sworn to the law who must produce an heir of h...
  • grief
  • queen
  • drama
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Be Your Everything by NeedForMuke
Be Your Everythingby Emma
Otabek is a 21 year old alpha with no mate. Yurio is an 18 year old omega who just got kicked out of his home. What will happen when they meet?
  • omegaverse
  • victuuri
  • yurionice
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The Demon Queen by Aris_Astruka
The Demon Queenby Aris_Astruka
The Demon queen's reign of terror finally comes to an end,its all because of one human girl who has been chosen to become a "sacrifice" to the queen. Or did it?
  • fantasy
  • yuri
  • futa
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Auctioned by ughirenex
Auctionedby Irene🌹
I'm 15, a Neko, a slut, a sex toy as you may call it, I've been raped over and over again, I wish I could go home, problem is.... Where is home?
  • slave
  • imagination
  • teen
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Yandere Female Xenomorphs x Futa!Half Xenomorph! Fem!Reader by Nighttra
Yandere Female Xenomorphs x Futa!H...by Nighttra
Y/N was an experiment for the company. She had more xenomorph traits and qualities. So she is in the same facility as Ripley 8. Although Y/N can understand the xenomorph...
  • xenomorph
  • predator
  • yuri
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this is a story of a girl Y/N L/N she is a futanari (if you are a straight person or something then don't read this) I wonder how she can survive with all the girls in...
  • yuri
  • futanari
  • allgirls
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Yandere Female x Female Reader by koshitantan
Yandere Female x Female Readerby koshitantan
Struggling because her mother just remarried, (y/n) fights with her step brother. The one that helps (y/n) forget that is her best friend, Akari. But, that kind smile, t...
  • gl
  • gxg
  • xreader
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Citrus: The Untold Story (A Fanfiction Novel) by BigPoppaAihara
Citrus: The Untold Story (A Fanfic...by BigPoppaAihara
One of the most captivating yuri mangas in recent years, Citrus has gained a massive following. But in light of the late (and still awaited) release of chapter 37, I hav...
  • fanfiction
  • yüzü
  • citrus
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Disney Yuri Lemons (Girl X Girl) by DisneyLover19Y
Disney Yuri Lemons (Girl X Girl)by DisneyLover19Y
If you don't like girl X girl stuff, or sexual stuff, please do not read! I've warned you! Basically a book about the reader X a Disney girl character doing lemonade rel...
  • lemon
  • pixar
  • yuri
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Be my Janitor (YuuVik, Yuri!!! On Ice) by LaRojitaBabicheva
Be my Janitor (YuuVik, Yuri!!! On...by LaRojitaBabicheva
Viktor es un omega frustrado sexualmente, casado con Chris Giacometti, un alfa guapísimo pero impotente. ¿Qué pasará cuando se mude a un nuevo condominio y conozca al gu...
  • fanfiction
  • viktor
  • yuri
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The Fear Of Rejection//Sayori X Protagonist/MC by -FlamboyantMonkey-
The Fear Of Rejection//Sayori X Pr...by -FlamboyantMonkey-
Sayori convinces Alex, MC, to join her club during senior year. The realization that he loves the poor girl hits him in the head like a brick. He used the feelings he ha...
  • sayorixprotagonist
  • sayoriddlc
  • yuriddlc
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Ask Doki Doki Literature Club! by MettatonsLeg
Ask Doki Doki Literature Club!by Rose
[Cover art by @SophiaTheFan] Hi! It's me, Monika! Welcome to the Literature Club. Feel free to ask Sayori, Natsuki, Yuri and I anything you like!
  • monika
  • ddlc
  • askddlc
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Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (VictorxYuri) (yaoi) by BabyPuffies
Baby On Ice √ (mpreg) (boyxboy) (V...by Potatobow
#angst Everything was perfect as if nothing could rip their happiness apart. The time they had spent together were something Yuri couldn't have asked for more. Until o...
  • yoi
  • yurionice
  • bxb
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Cheater Team RWBY x Male Reader x DDLC by Sukachay
Cheater Team RWBY x Male Reader x...by Dominic Tong
Title says it all, I'll try to update as often as I can. RWBY belongs to RoosterTeeth DDLC belongs to TeamSalvato You belong to yourself. Have fun reading!
  • hatred
  • ddlc
  • harem
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I Like You, I Love You (Love Live x Reader) by FanficsRu
I Like You, I Love You (Love Live...by FanficsRu
Oneshots featuring μ's, Aqours, ARISE, and Saint Snow! Requests closed.
  • yuri
  • femalereader
  • harem
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DDLC X Reader Oneshots by chocolate-frosting
DDLC X Reader Oneshotsby 🍩
doki doki literature club x reader oneshots | may contain sensitive content! | and spoilers! | est. 02/15/18 © ddlc rights to team salvato © plot rights to me p.s; i'm s...
  • ddlc
  • natsuki
  • yurixreader
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Anime X Reader One Shots Lemons And Fluff by katzrcool
Anime X Reader One Shots Lemons An...by Kia The Neko
Hello its me Kia and I would love to write some x readers so give me suggestions and I will write 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😛
  • xreader
  • yurio
  • blueexorcist
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Un golpe de suerte! - Victuri by Nowakigirl
Un golpe de suerte! - Victuriby →Мir←
En un caluroso día de verano dos equipos de béisbol se enfrentarán en el juego final. Yuuri, un estudiante universitario, vendedor de salchichas en en el estadio en dond...
  • drama
  • yuuri
  • comedia
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Voltron Legendary Defenders Guys x reader lemon R-18 by sagerage123
Voltron Legendary Defenders Guys x...by noneed
Diffrent stories of diffrent voltron guys mostly lemons and some fluff.
  • lemon
  • shiro
  • readerxcharacter
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❝ EPIPHANY. ❞ ↬ N. Maki by makinae
❝ EPIPHANY. ❞ ↬ N. Makiby softie 101
➖I love your everything. (old; 2017 )
  • fanfiction
  • makinishikino
  • yuri
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