wrong number by loganjankstadohner
wrong number by loganjankstadohner
unknown; you can't block me on everything Mia, I've got my ways. Yasmin; uhm what? unknown; so first you lie about cheating, then lie about your number, smh. Yasmin; sor...
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Friends with Benefits - Diza by fanfiction_writer101
Friends with Benefits - Diza by Fanfic Writer
David and Liza are best friends that both go to the same school, but a "friends with benefits" kind of vibe stays between them. But later on they come to find...
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fake love ; anthony trujillo  by heyjakepaulers
fake love ; anthony trujillo by lindsey
" you're breaking her. sooner or later you're going to be the only one who can fix her "
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In love with Adym Yorba by forever___love___me
In love with Adym Yorba by Natalia
Since Skylar and her best friend Kayla were little they have always planned to grow up and move into an apartment together in LA. What will happen when Skylar meets her...
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Jacksepticeye x Reader by MyChemicalLevi
Jacksepticeye x Reader by Asher
Just another good fan fiction I worked hard on, and hope you all enjoy!
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one night // colby brock  by honeybooboochxld
one night // colby brock by Leah Smith
#4 in Colby Brock Fanfiction [100+ CHAPTERS] No flower. No sunset. No moment can be more beautiful than she was. I will admit, at first. It was the smile and the eyes t...
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 A Step too Far  (Septiplier) - Completed by PeijiChan
A Step too Far (Septiplier) - Co... by PeijiChan
YouTube celebrities Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have been friends for a while now, but when one Livestream takes a turn for the better or worse, they become something m...
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Why Don't We Dance|:|WDW|:| by FearlessAngel1272
Why Don't We Dance|:|WDW|:| by Fearless A.
Chelsea, Ayla, Lia, Brynn, and Zoey are dancers from across the U.S. They decide to come together and form a group called "Squad Dance" in L.A. They decide to...
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You helped me // jack avery by DDDOLANN
You helped me // jack avery by WDWBoysss
Hey!! I'm Hollie Leblanc and I'm part of the bratayley family! We are in LA one day when i bump into a guy! Will he like me back? Low-key an Instagram story
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Hazard by blue_jules
Hazard by blue_jules
"More... Ah!.. Please..." I gasped. He thruster harder in me. My head hitting against the headrest. I could feel myself about to come. "Hold it in, I'll...
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I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan FanFic by Fabulous_Killjoy2000
I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan F... by Cool Gay
I'm not perfect. I self harm, I'm bullied, and I don't have friends. I'm an orphan. My parents died in a bank robbery when I was 1 and I lived with my Nana for a year. S...
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CrankGameplays One Shots by KatTheDanosaur
CrankGameplays One Shots by Kat
saaaaah duddeeeeee welcome to my one shots Do not steal, copy, or repost my writing without permission and credit. It's not cool. May 5, 2017 reached 1K views August 26...
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Just Friends?•Damien Haas by Mythical_Taylor
Just Friends?•Damien Haas by Trash
Basically the title. You're the new member of smosh, along with your Bestie F/N. What will happen? Will friendships blossom into something more? Find out here. Warning:...
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You & Logan Paul by loganjake4ever
You & Logan Paul by loganjake4ever
you have been dating Logan Paul for 3 year. You guys just had a son named Carl. He is 2 weeks old now. Logan and Jake love him to death so do you. You are 19 and you hav...
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Perfect ||Ricegum|| by DopeOnMars
Perfect ||Ricegum|| by Kaxy (KAY-ZEE)
"Girl, you look like a confused pear..." "Boy, you look like Asian Danny phantom." In which a roast session happens between a girl and a Ricegum. Cov...
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vlog squad preferences  by -jaedens
vlog squad preferences by ɐᴉɥʇuʎɔ
vlog squad preferences includes: +david dobrik +scotty sire +toddy smith +alex ernst
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Phone Sex | phan by howellfics
Phone Sex | phan by rach
dan howell sent you a chat request I had two choices, either accept it or deny it.
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Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by PrettyHerron
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by JOD
My life hasn't always been easy, having fame and money doesn't make you happy but one person who makes me happy is my big brother Jonah Mararis you might know him from W...
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BTS' EIGHTH MEMBER by ikeeplosingmymind
Based on the YouTube fan fiction You were one of Bighit's most valuable trainees in 2013. You heard the rumor that a group would be debuting, but you didn't have much i...
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The Maynard Girl by shalom_maynard
The Maynard Girl by Ellie West
You're a female British youtuber, with your own fans, money, brand deals, the whole lot. As sister of Joe and Zoë Sugg, your life and career is already pretty hectic but...
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