Better. [E.G.D] | Watty's 2017 by euphoricdolan
Better. [E.G.D] | Watty's 2017 by euphoricdolan Fanfiction
Elena moves into a house with a group of people for university. What happens when she falls in love with the rude roommate that she would've never wanted to love? Why is...
Wal☆Mart ○ Zach Herron by ImTheDumbOne
Wal☆Mart ○ Zach Herron by ▪Mely▪ Fanfiction
"Excuse me, I'm going to have to ask that you get out of the vegetable display."
Million Reasons (Miniminter)  by wroetoluna
Million Reasons (Miniminter) by WroetoLuna Fanfiction
Yasmine Lloyd is a 20 year old Geordie who is living her dreams played my football for Arsenal Ladies, what happens when she is made to feature on a YouTube channel with...
Jack Maynard Imagines by lm_lem
Jack Maynard Imagines by Lauren Fanfiction
A book of imagines and preferences written by yours truly. **Requests are open** just tell me your name, general appearance, and the situation. I'm updating at lea...
instagram | shawn mendes  by heartfeltmendes
instagram | shawn mendes by 🍁🍂🍊🔥☄️🦊 Fanfiction
@shawnmendes started following you. In which ways a simple follow leads to an eventful rollercoaster of emotions. - shawn mendes a Instagram based story. All Rights Res...
Germanletsplay der Außenseiter? Schul Leben (Kürbistumor/ Glpalle) Fan-Fiction by Smily__
Germanletsplay der Außenseiter? Sc... by Smily__ Fanfiction
Manuel / Germanletsplay zieht um und muss in eine Neue Schule gehen. Er meint zwar immer in seinen Videos das er älter währ und die schule schon beendet hat. Aber das st...
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Awards {OPEN} by SmuttyPariah
The 2017 Real Person Fiction Award... by Smutty Pariah Random
Do you write real person fiction? These are the awards for you! Musicians, actors, youtubers, athletes- all celebrities apply! Entry submission open 6/25/17- 9/30...
Abused (Jelix) by danmeowphil
Abused (Jelix) by W O W I E Fanfiction
I love him... (Sean's POV)
In love with Adym Yorba by forever___love___me
In love with Adym Yorba by Natalia Fanfiction
Since Skylar and her best friend Kayla were little they have always planned to grow up and move into an apartment together in LA. What will happen when Skylar meets her...
Colby's little sister  by allygolbrock4817
Colby's little sister by AllyGolbrock😉 Random
Hi im Colby's little sister im his twin but he was born first 15 seconds before me.
Trans Male Reader x Random by a_person_named_alex
Trans Male Reader x Random by Alexander Applebaum Fanfiction
I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader and I thought it was a good idea. These on...
Welcome, I guess (Daniel howell's sister)  by radbutnotreally
Welcome, I guess (Daniel howell's... by ‎יעקבא Fanfiction
What happens when Daniel Howell's parents adopt Millie without telling him? It will come as a shock when he goes to his parents house to find a surprise waiting for him.
Fireworks ~ David Dobrik ~ by HappilyLilly
Fireworks ~ David Dobrik ~ by Łilly Fanfiction
July Newark just took one of the biggest risks of her life. She took a surprise summer internship with a famous photographer in LA. Everyone thought that was a major cha...
Ethan Dolan Imagines by egrantlova
Ethan Dolan Imagines by lyza Fanfiction
here's some Ethan Dolan imagines
one last chance ; joe sugg by dearjgs
one last chance ; joe sugg by ღ Fanfiction
"You know I'd never hurt you, I'm here to protect you and look after you." ✧ Joe Sugg / ThatcherJoe Fanfiction -!- CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE, SAD SCENES, MATURE...
24 Days to Love - Joe Sugg x Reader by hemmingsheart_
24 Days to Love - Joe Sugg x Reader by hemmingsheart_ Fanfiction
Christmas with Joe Sugg is many a girl's dream so you'd be surprised he's having problems finding someone right for him. Fortunately he can rely on his friend of many ye...
Dolan Twins imagines + preferences by DolanGirls849
Dolan Twins imagines + preferences by ¡MaYa! Fanfiction
Imagines about two amazingly beautiful boys🖤
The Maynard Girl by maynardandchill
The Maynard Girl by Ellie West Fanfiction
You're a female British youtuber, with your own fans and everything. As sister of Joe and Zoë Sugg your life and career is already pretty hectic but when you move to Lon...
Dolan Twins // Imagines by savagedolanseg
Dolan Twins // Imagines by 💤 Fanfiction
A bunch of short, cute, funny and dirty imagines here! Enjoy :P
oneshots - phan *completed! by cynicalskinx
oneshots - phan *completed! by 💛sᴀᴡʏᴇʀ💛 Fanfiction
Not much detail to give, honestly. * started: september 1, 2016 completed: april 12, 2017 12.4.16 - 1k 4.12.17- 10k 6.8.17- 20k 8.2.17 - 30k