Special Boy // phan by GypsyRover
Special Boy // phanby käməˈkäzē
In a world where everyone has a special ability, a "power", young Dan Howell is alone in having nothing to show for it. He now constantly, obsessively searches...
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I Dare You (Jacksepticeye x Reader) by CoreyPye
I Dare You (Jacksepticeye x Reader)by Corey pye
My best friend, Nate has had a crush on me since we were 16. I didn't like him back. But being a YouTuber introduced me to an amazing guy that lives halfway across the w...
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CrankGameplays One Shots by KatTheDanosaur
CrankGameplays One Shotsby Kat
saaaaah duddeeeeee welcome to my one shots Do not steal, copy, or repost my writing without permission and credit. It's not cool. #856 in fanfiction. idk if that's signi...
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The Blonde Choch Next Door by maverickgirl093017
The Blonde Choch Next Doorby maverickgirl093017
One choch. One ordinary girl. One twisted love story.
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D • E • A • D ➳ David Dobrik by uniquelyxo
D • E • A • D ➳ David Dobrikby uniquelyxo
"I can't live without you" "So why aren't you dead yet?" ➳ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ➳ - When Aubrey...
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kiss marry kill // gd by xxJessTheFangirlxx
kiss marry kill // gdby Jess!💘
Who knew a simple game of kiss marry kill could change everything. ******* When Adylin Ross, a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, posts a kiss marry kill video...
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Adopted by Tal Fishman by XDJustALittleCrazyXD
Adopted by Tal Fishmanby -rugrat-
[COMPLETED] You are an orphan at Miss Wilkins' Orphanage. Your name is Adaline. One day, a nice man comes in and looks around. He sees you, and adopts you! Find out wha...
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I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan FanFic by Fabulous_Killjoy2000
I'm not perfect- Adopted by Phan Cool Gay
I'm not perfect. I self harm, I'm bullied, and I don't have friends. I'm an orphan. My parents died in a bank robbery when I was 1 and I lived with my Nana for a year. S...
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Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTS by wintershyland
Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTSby A
If you're wondering what it would be like to be adopted by Shane and Ryland, you've come across the perfect book.
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pale || prinxiety by Gaylevion
pale || prinxietyby ♀ T H E O ⚨
i used a pale shade of foundation for a reason. it hides a lot. it hides the red cheeks either from blushing, or when the skin gets irritated from tears. [Highest...
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Why Don't We Dance|:|WDW|:| by FearlessAngel1272
Why Don't We Dance|:|WDW|:|by Fearless A.
Chelsea, Ayla, Lia, Brynn, and Zoey are dancers from across the U.S. They decide to come together and form a group called "Squad Dance" in L.A. They decide to...
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His Bright Eyes (Septiplier) by Enterthetadpole
His Bright Eyes (Septiplier)by Tad
(In process of editing and revising) Jack visits Mark in LA after a rough break up with his girlfriend back in England. Neither one of them realize that there is much mo...
  • boyxboyromance
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Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't We by PrettyHerron
Lil Marais ⇒ Why Don't Weby J
My life hasn't always been easy, having fame and money doesn't make you happy but one person who makes me happy is my big brother Jonah Mararis you might know him from W...
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♢ S a n d e r s    I m a g i n e s [x reader] ♢ (CLOSED) by Constantine-io
♢ S a n d e r s I m a g i n e ⑅PRETTY BOi™ ⑅
-!!!REQUESTS ARE CLOSED SO NO REQESTS!!!- Just a bunch of one-shots about -Thomas Sanders -Anxiety (or Virgil) -Morality (or Patton) ...
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Dare//Ethan Dolan by 5sos_onedirections
Dare//Ethan Dolanby Carter Hemmings
Ethan and Grayson Dolan are the two most popular guys at Kings High, both are captain of the football team and can get any girl that they want. They go to parties every...
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Joe Sugg Imagines  by CelestesCorner
Joe Sugg Imagines by Celeste
Joe Sugg, at his worst, his best, his life. With you - --- Thank you to everyone who has commented, voted and took the time to read my imagines. Kindly appreciated. --- ...
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kiwi by oceanicdaniel
kiwiby oceanicdaniel
phillester: u want money danielhowell: do i look like a fucking prostitute??? danielhowell: how much credit to dnptexts on twitter
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one night // colby brock  by honeybooboochxld
one night // colby brock by Leah Smith
#4 in Colby Brock Fanfiction [100+ CHAPTERS] No flower. No sunset. No moment can be more beautiful than she was. I will admit, at first. It was the smile and the eyes t...
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You & Logan Paul by loganjake4ever
You & Logan Paulby loganjake4ever
you have been dating Logan Paul for 3 year. You guys just had a son named Carl. He is 2 weeks old now. Logan and Jake love him to death so do you. You are 19 and you hav...
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His Favorite [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
His Favorite [TomTord]by Blue Leader
The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged through out the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red...
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