Mercy; Shawn Mendes by ILLUMlNATE
Mercy; Shawn Mendesby 🌸S🌸
"Would you please have mercy on me? I'm a puppet on your string...." ••• I had to be smart and really think about it...
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Act 🎬 Alex Ernst by writer1092
Act 🎬 Alex Ernstby 🐷☕️
It was all an act .... at least to Abigail it was. The coyness, dumb remarks, confused looks. It was fake, an act for David Dobrik's vlogs. [ALEX ERNEST FANFICTION] 11.1...
  • jasonnash
  • heathhussar
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dive // david dobrik by sadevents
dive // david dobrikby bitch
"personally, i think you're an overhyped, self-absorbed, attention seeking piece of shit" "personally, i think no one gives a fuck" // in which they...
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You & Logan Paul by celebs_worlds
You & Logan Paulby celebs_worlds
you have been dating Logan Paul for 3 year. You guys just had a son named Carl. He is 2 weeks old now. Logan and Jake love him to death so do you. You are 19 and you hav...
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kiss marry kill // gd by xxJessTheFangirlxx
kiss marry kill // gdby jess
Who knew a simple game of kiss marry kill could change everything. ******* When Adylin Ross, a YouTuber with over 3 million subscribers, posts a kiss marry kill video...
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Little Boss Sisterplier (Jacksepticeye x Reader) by KippyKasey
Little Boss Sisterplier ( Casey
Mark's younger sister moves in with him and starts a new chapter of her life filled with excitement, romance, and adventure. This description is really bad I apologize.
  • jacksepticeyexreader
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dolan twin imagines by eversglow
dolan twin imaginesby - ̗̀ o’cryin ̖́-
just a few imagines about two boys that i like for some odd reason. highest ranking: #9 in fanfiction one million reads: 03/26/18 {dolan twins} ©ericka | 2016
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Fire Starter | Tom Holland by ValAndHearts
Fire Starter | Tom Hollandby Vale
[BOOK ONE] @blancanieves: I haven't even met any of the MCU cast and now I don't want to because they may have seen these tweets - Where a YouTuber and an actor seem to...
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Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTS by wintershyland
Adopted by Shyland | ONE-SHOTSby A
If you're wondering what it would be like to be adopted by Shane and Ryland, you've come across the perfect book.
  • shanedawson
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Joe Sugg Imagines - Book 2 by Tizniz
Joe Sugg Imagines - Book 2by Tizniz
Imagines about the lovely youtuber ThatcherJoe, also known as Joe Sugg. Enjoy :)
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CrankGameplays Smuts  by daddynestor__
CrankGameplays Smuts by daddynestor__
⚠️SMUT WARNING⚠️ The title says it all. Some sexy, kinky and cute smut shots of Ethan Nestor <3 If you have any requests comment them or pm me and I'll credit you unl...
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Noise Complaint // Alex Ernst by oliviaaltana
Noise Complaint // Alex Ernstby olivia altana
"you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the unexpected time" When Mara Adams moves into a new apartment in the big and busy city of Los Angeles, C...
  • david
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The Blonde Choch Next Door by maverickgirl093017
The Blonde Choch Next Doorby maverickgirl093017
One choch. One ordinary girl. One twisted love story.
  • jakepaul
  • fantasy
  • maverick
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instagram//Lil Xan by icynahmir
instagram//Lil Xanby G🥀
@xanxiety liked your post @xanxiety started following you @xanxiety commented on your post Started: Jan.1st 2018 Ended:- ©️icynahmir,2018
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Dan Howell Lemons {Requests Open} by _kageyamas_abbs
Dan Howell Lemons {Requests Open}by Voltron Wiseass
Daniel Howell (●'∀`●) One of the YouTube girls favriotes. (≧∇≦) This smutty book about the British brown haired male will give you tingles of joy or a straight face of u...
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corbynbesson followed you corbynbesson sent a message "shit, elise what did you do." HIGHEST RANKING #313 in FanFiction
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Roommates || E.D by sahra7x
Roommates || E.Dby ☁️
Living with the Dolan Twins for year doesn't sound bad... right?
  • romance
  • dolantwins
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D • E • A • D ➳ David Dobrik by uniquelyxo
D • E • A • D ➳ David Dobrikby uniquelyxo
"I can't live without you" "So why aren't you dead yet?" ➳ • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ➳ - When Aubrey...
  • scottysire
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Ethan Dolan Imagines by egrantlova
Ethan Dolan Imaginesby lyzzle♡
imagines//ethan dolan//lowercase intended//150k♡
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Our Life|| Dan Howell X Reader by thosefandomstho
Our Life|| Dan Howell X Readerby Hazel
You're one of the most famous youtubers there is. You were born in London, moved to America with the rest of your family, but eventually moved back to England to discove...
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