fake love ; Anthony Trujillo  by heyjakepaulers
fake love ; Anthony Trujillo by lindsey
" you're breaking her. sooner or later you're going to be the only one who can fix her "
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BTS' EIGHTH MEMBER by ikeeplosingmymind
Based on the YouTube fan fiction You were one of Bighit's most valuable trainees in 2013. You heard the rumor that a group would be debuting, but you didn't have much i...
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His Favorite [TomTord] by DipperCipher0
His Favorite [TomTord] by Gravity Zero
The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged through out the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red...
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|To The Moon & Back|Justin Bieber♡COMPLETED by Jerryismypizza
|To The Moon & Back|Justin Bieber♡... by Bizzle
When the most talked about popstar Justin Bieber Comes across the famous YouTuber Gabriella Dail, not only does he fall for her, but he will do anything for her. "...
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New member // Anthony Trujillo by bibbysmedicine
New member // Anthony Trujillo by bibbysmedicine
[Highest rank #89 in fanfiction.] "I really do hate you Anthony Trujillo." "Yeah, I know." He replied and placed a kiss on my forehead, knowing we'd...
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one night // colby brock  by honeybooboochxld
one night // colby brock by Leah Smith
[100+ CHAPTERS] No flower. No sunset. No moment can be more beautiful than she was. I will admit, at first. It was the smile and the eyes that got me. I adored her for h...
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The Maynard Girl by maynardandchill
The Maynard Girl by Ellie West
You're a female British youtuber, with your own fans, money, brand deals, the whole lot. As sister of Joe and Zoë Sugg, your life and career is already pretty hectic but...
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The Youngest Sugg (COMPLETED) by honey_mist_auburn
The Youngest Sugg (COMPLETED) by lucy
Lilia seems like your average teenage girl. She likes pizza, she obsesses over bands and other celebrities, and she acts awkward around boys. Although there's one small...
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Phone Sex | phan by howellfics
Phone Sex | phan by rach
dan howell sent you a chat request I had two choices, either accept it or deny it.
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You and Logan Paul by loganjake4ever
You and Logan Paul by loganjake4ever
you have been dating Logan Paul for 1 year. You guys just had a son named Carl. He is 2 weeks old now. Logan and Jake love him to death so do you. You are 19 and you hav...
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Perfect ||Ricegum|| by DopeOnMars
Perfect ||Ricegum|| by Kaxy (KAY-ZEE)
"Girl, you look like a confused pear..." "Boy, you look like Asian Danny phantom." In which a roast session happens between a girl and a Ricegum. Cov...
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Torn // Emilio Martinez by Elegantgilinsky
Torn // Emilio Martinez by Rachael
Bella has been best friends with the Dobre twins since she could remember. When a new set of twins joins the Team 10 house, will she have to choose between them?
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  • erikacostell
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In love with Logan Paul? [under editing]  by booksterss
In love with Logan Paul? [under ed... by ☻
You've known the Paul brothers ever since you were in grade school. They left for LA and you stayed in Ohio for college. Summer came and Jake called you to come to the t...
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Mi niñero Sexi Luzu y Tu by GuilledeLuque7
Mi niñero Sexi Luzu y Tu by Youtubers_salseo
Que harias si tus padres te dejan a cargo del hijo de el socio de la compañía swag. que el estaría a cargo de todo, tus tarjetas, a donde vas, tu auto y mas.... - ¿ qui...
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Wanted (Danisnotonfire X Reader) by emonizzle
Wanted (Danisnotonfire X Reader) by emonizzle
• A few things you need to know... - y/n means your name - y/l/n means your last name - y/c/n means your channel name - y/s/n means your ship nam...
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Friends with Benefits - Diza by fanfiction_writer101
Friends with Benefits - Diza by Fanfic Writer
David and Liza are best friends that both go to the same school, but a "friends with benefits" kind of vibe stays between them. But later on they come to find...
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Youtube Imagines and Preferences by luckysam78
Youtube Imagines and Preferences by Sam Lucky
Self Explanatory. First half will be Imagines and second half will be preferences or youtubers reimagined as objects and such. A few won't be xreader, but most of them w...
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VINTAGE » finn wolfhard  by a-apatow
VINTAGE » finn wolfhard by e m m y
"you're pretty," "pretty?" "really pretty." --- in which aggie blackfield is finn wolfhard's best friend and they're in completely in love...
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 A Step too Far  (Septiplier) - Completed by PeijiChan
A Step too Far (Septiplier) - Co... by PeijiChan
YouTube celebrities Markiplier and Jacksepticeye have been friends for a while now, but when one Livestream takes a turn for the better or worse, they become something m...
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Fuck It List #155 (Elton Castee x Reader) by BloodyCalibri
Fuck It List #155 (Elton Castee x... by BloodyCalibri
(Y/n) Brock moves in with her brother and his roommates. Colby helps her fit in and get to know everyone. Her identity has been kept a secret from Colby's fans, and want...
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