The Rejects by NotAlotOfPerfect
The Rejects by Megan Wilkinson Teen Fiction
They're Delinquents, Rejects Of Society. Ivy Amberly Was Made A Murderer And Arsonist After The Attempted Rape Of Her Sister. Trialed In Court, She Is Ultimately Saved B...
Troubled little youth. by shani_leigh
Troubled little youth. by S H A N I Teen Fiction
He thought he was a bad boy. She thought she was a psychopath. He was bad news. She was worse. He was angry at the world. She just wanted to have fun in it. When Ash...
Lazy by strawhat_pirate
Lazy by strawhat_pirate Fanfiction
Nova, to put it simply, is lazy. She's one of the laziest ninja out there, even if she is one of the best. She always sleeps in, and never goes out on jogs. Basically, i...
Legend | Celeste Academy Series BK #2 by MyLovelyWriter
Legend | Celeste Academy Series BK... by Lovely Fantasy
|COMPLETE| |Celeste Academy Trilogy BK #2| The Twelve has left the academy walls to explore the the Larkovian continent, seeking the enigmatic brother of the king. While...
Falling For You || Taehyung x Reader || by sophiabts
Falling For You || Taehyung x Read... by ♡ Princess SeokJin ♡ Fanfiction
You and Your Sister Ah Ro always goes around near town telling others a good intriguing story that always makes the townspeople entertained and interested. While telling...
Just One Smile is Very Alluring (Love O2O) A Slight Smile is Very Charming by NovelPlanet
Just One Smile is Very Alluring (L... by Novel Planet Romance
What is it that makes a man fall in love with a woman at first sight? Appearance? Aura? Wealth? NO, when campus prince and gaming expert, student Xiao Nai first saw Bei...
STAR BLOSSOM |BTS JUNGKOOK FANFIC| by ✗ 총 조준 발사 ✗ Fanfiction
❝A story about a girl named Seo Yoonbyul and her desire to find the most beautiful moment in life with the help of a boy named Jeon Jungkook.❞ ❝Ever since the accident t...
A reason to live. by aquilashru
A reason to live. by aquilashru General Fiction
Sara, an Indian middle class girl with strong values and crazy wishes, childlike and liked by all... Is having an arranged marriage... Just like any normal girl she has...
Lyric&Myles love story💞 by lowkeyy_firee
Lyric&Myles love story💞 by lowkeyy_firee Fanfiction
I'm proud to be the first person to write a Lyric and Myles story so I hope you enjoy.🙃💕
sink or swim | nam joohyuk by sushinim
sink or swim | nam joohyuk by choco child ☆彡 Fanfiction
in which a reckless national swimmer decides to try her luck at love. [lower case intended] © sushinim 2017
His Second Wife by Zeinab_Bhudookan
His Second Wife by Zeinab_Bhudookan Romance
A love story between Zahra and Hunayn... Hunayn being married to a beautiful lady Zahra and he loves his Zahra more than anything else but some complication arises in th...
Fetish   •1• by ReignHolland
Fetish •1• by Queen Ryn (Rezzie) Vampire
(Book one of the Overnight Addiction Series) Highest Ranking - #92 in Vampire ~~~~ Her voice is contemplative, hints of temptation struggling to be found. It's as if s...
A New Beginning.  by ItsYazzy
A New Beginning. by ItsYazzy Teen Fiction
Check out the story and find out. ☺️👌🏽
~IMAGINE~ by Se-quoy-ah
~IMAGINE~ by Se-quoy-ah Fanfiction
~IMAGINE~ New Edition Littles Cast imagines, preferences, and gifs. Myles Truitt Dante Hoagland Jahi Winston Caleb Mclaughin Tyler Williams
All She Ever Wanted by RaysofKays
All She Ever Wanted by K Romance
Sixteen year old Ken, short for Kenya has always thought her desires were pretty simple. All she ever wanted was to stay under her overprotective fathers radar and get t...
Summer '17 by FeyRoseDeadLove
Summer '17 by DeadLove Poetry
"Reality denied comes back to haunt" -Madeline Roux • I keep trying to write about my life and I always try to start at the beginning. It doesn't ever work, I...
The criminal  by zaddy_le
The criminal by Zaddy_le Teen Fiction
As I ran down the dark alley the familiar sound of other foot steps chasing behind with the blue and red lights that just doesn't seem to ever leave me.. I came to the e...
Pregnancy ━ kim mingyu by holysenpai
Pregnancy ━ kim mingyu by pearlywaves (◕‿◕✿) Fanfiction
❝ What will you do if your parents find out about your pregnancy?❞ ❝My father might kill me if he knows about our baby❞ In which Kim Mingyu accidentally made his secret...
The Naked and the Hollow by SpencerN1
The Naked and the Hollow by Spencer N. Romance
I found Abigail on Tinder. She had red hair, black glasses, and looked cute, okay? As nice as all those details sounds, they weren't really what mattered, though, right...
throne  ( band of brothers. ) by bastognes
throne ( band of brothers. ) by taryn. Fanfiction
revolution in the flesh. © taryn [ AU ] book one in the 'soldier girls' trilogy.