BLSC #12 : Billionare's Trouble by beyondlocks
BLSC #12 : Billionare's Troubleby Janice Martana
BLSC #12 Matthew Lemiere Perfect, that's his life definition. He always find his life went so smooth and so easy. Everything will work in his hands because of he has the...
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You're My New Step-Brother? {Harry Styles} by Amanda_Styles69
You're My New Step-Brother? { Amanda Styles
Mia's mouth practically dropped open when she saw the familiar face walk through the door way. It was Harry, the boy she'd been crushing on for years. She loved the way...
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Mentiras y Verdades by Mirnachanz2
Mentiras y Verdadesby Mirnachanz2
Los personajes no son mio son de la magnifica Ayano Sensei. Es una historia que se desarrolla después del secuestro de Akihito por Sou. Si te digo una verdad después te...
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You're Beautiful (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) | Book 1 by mercedeswisner
You're Beautiful (A Cameron Mercedes Wisner
Madison Walters never thought of dating Cameron Dallas, the most popular guy at her school, mostly because she thought she wasn't worth it. But once he steps into her wo...
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You're Mine ↬ J. McCann by lordetoariana
You're Mine ↬ J. McCannby baby doll
"I'm coming for you Ariana, you're mine, you will always be mine." ______ When 16-Year-Old Ariana gets kidnapped by the deadly and well known Jason McCann, she...
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Camera by Azhblack
Cameraby Azh
1..2..3.. Click and you're dead. ©All Right Reserve 2018.
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what do to when you're bored AF. by escapella
what do to when you're bored !!!
You must be deadly bored if you're considering reading this.
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The Hook-Up Diaries: Say You're Mine (Sequel to Dare You to Fall) (GirlxGirl) by CosmicTric
The Hook-Up Diaries: Say You're Dani
A lot has changed in the past four months. Whitney's self destructive and doing everything she can to push Harlee away, while Harlee's holding on to the girl she loves f...
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You're My Rose Camila/You by 5hislife1329
You're My Rose Camila/Youby 5hislife1329
You're the next in line to become the alpha of your pack but you're not allowed to until you find your mate. The Hansen Pack comes for a meeting to merge your pack but y...
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Inéditos de un casi poeta by Dannywriter279
Inéditos de un casi poetaby Danny Writer
Aquí encontrarás una serie de cortos poemas, cada uno de estos inspirados en situaciones cotidianas que te llevan a un nivel de enojo e inspiración que termina dando com...
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Always Mine by ThatGirlBoss
Always Mineby Yashvi Shah
This is the sequel to 'Because You're Mine'. You MUST read the first book in order to acknowledge what is occurring in this book. ...
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Stay with Me (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction) | Book 2 by mercedeswisner
Stay with Me (A Cameron Dallas Mercedes Wisner
(Sequel to "You're Beautiful (A Cameron Dallas Fanfiction)") After six months of Madison and Cameron's love, more obstacles are to come, while there's a new he...
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You're A Guy... Right? (Lesbian Story) by smallbonerrr_
You're A Guy... Right? (Lesbian smallbonerrr_
Vanessa has had a deep crush on Dustin as long as she can remember. Dustin on the other hand didn't even know Vanessa existed till now. Dustin decides to give Vanessa a...
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h y b r i d - by lovingyoubangtan
h y b r i d - p.jmby 🌧 bts trash 🌧
"you're my hybrid." in which a dominant girl falls in love with an innocent hybrid boy.
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The World Is Ugly, But You're Beautiful To Me. (Gerard Way FanFiction) by transferingworlds
The World Is Ugly, But You're transferingworlds
Elodea Sothabella just moved away from Illinois to New Jersey and it's her first day of high school. Back at her old school, she only had one friend because of her style...
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Boundless by Astroid
Boundlessby Astrid Allen
Previously "You're Mine". His desire for me will lead to the end of the world. Because if he has me, then he has everything. And he won't settle until he's got...
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Yes Master? Oh, That's My Brother (Gay Love Story/ Lgbt) by Solkat_Ships
Yes Master? Oh, That's My Solkat_Ships
Rule 1: I am NOT allowed to touch myself in ANY inappropriate way. Rule 2: Address him as Daddy, or Sir. Rule 3: Do not make direct eye contact when receiving a punishme...
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You're crying [ Akira Fudo x Reader ] [Devilman crybaby] Oneshot by hqhqhq333
You're crying [ Akira Fudo x TheBoredGirl
You and Akira Fudo have been friends for a while, but he has been keeping a dark secret from you. He became a devilman: a demon with a human heart. What happens to the t...
  • devilman
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  • crybaby
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Art book by Red-Candy
Art bookby Sadist
Mostly doodles and shit,
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You're My New Step Brother?||H.S.(Italian Translation) by Valentinadxsoffic
You're My New Step Brother?||H.S.( Valentina (:
Mia rimase a bocca aperta quando vide quel viso così familiare entrare dalla porta dell'ingresso. Era Harry, il ragazzo per cui aveva una cotta da anni. Le piaceva il mo...
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