The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kihyun FanFic] by XoXoXiuMimi
The Devil's Contract [MONSTA X Kih... by чαnαѕє míчukí-ѕαmα Fanfiction
Description: After your break up with your EX-Boyfriend Lee Minhyuk (Monsta X), you meet a demon named Yoo Kihyun who was summoned by you (Kwon Jaeryeong), who is now hi...
Fifty Shades : The Darkness  by EuropaYooSulHan
Fifty Shades : The Darkness by 한유설 Fanfiction
Your shades are dead into my darkness... (Book 2 of Fifty Shades of Byun BaekHyun).
AGAIN by EuropaYooSulHan
AGAIN by 한유설 Teen Fiction
Will You Be Mine Again....
gay? - seonlin by hyunbins
gay? - seonlin by jisang Fanfiction
- dude are you like gay or nah #931 in short story [15.8.17]
3005 ; changki ◑ by jooheonssi
3005 ; changki ◑ by jess Fanfiction
in which changkyun teaches kihyun to love life, meanwhile kihyun teaches changkyun to love himself. © jooheonssi 2017
Doll Face [Kihyun X Reader] by Minyuckwho
Doll Face [Kihyun X Reader] by M I N H Y U K ' S Fanfiction
[Kihyun X Reader /Warning: [Mature contant] some chapter have hints of smuts or are just full out smuts so if your not uncomfortable please skip the chapter/ part or do...
raindrop - guanho by nanaseu
raindrop - guanho by 🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍 Fanfiction
saat hujan turun, tidak dapat ku dengar suara lain selain rintikan hujan, dan sesekali ku dengar isakan seorang lelaki dari langit-langit apartemen ku, dasar bocah lela...
opposites || yoo seonho by bvbykw0n
opposites || yoo seonho by aegiimii Fanfiction
when kdramas, parties, and problems collides with leadership roles, straight As, and musical background, what can happen? will it work out in the end or not? 15 June 2017
DREAM by EuropaYooSulHan
DREAM by 한유설 Teen Fiction
Have You ever been in dream and meet your destiny?
MESSAGE RECEIVED ➳ YSH by 🍥 Fanfiction
❝ That's too much to ask to someone you barely know. ❞ When 16 year old Klara Santos loses her camera containing memories of her trip, she goes crazy. Not long after a s...
Peach tree [Jimin X Choi YooJung ] by Me_Di_Na
Peach tree [Jimin X Choi YooJung ] by D3ANS Fanfiction
Choi Yoo Jung ~ I lived out on a farm out in a small town for most of my life I would help around the house and do lots of course. I went to a small high school with onl...
Coffee Prince by CoffeeTeaJavaMe
Coffee Prince by Coffee Prince Fanfiction
Coffee. Tea. Java. Me. The korean drama starring Gong Yoo as the arrogant and childish Choi Han Kyul and Yoon Eun Hye as the hard working and 24 year old girl who Han Ky...
I'll be your man {Yukook} by syxren_qilahhhh
I'll be your man {Yukook} by syxren_chim Fanfiction
yuju sudah lama berkawan dengan gfriend dan bts. sejak dari itu mereka selalu pergi sekolah bersama2.yuju ada menyimpan perasaan cintanya terhadap jungkook tapi dia hany...
Between Lovers (Showki's "Boyfriends Life" Story) by ChaliSense
Between Lovers (Showki's "Boyfrien... by SonYooDaughter Fanfiction
This is just my random thoughts about ShowKi if they really are for "real" . I am not so good in english but for sake of international ShowKi shippers I'll wri...
Leave me, please ・ Yoo Kihyun by Pandepipas2
Leave me, please ・ Yoo Kihyun by Pan❀ Fanfiction
«Nunca sabes lo que tienes hasta que lo pierdes» esas palabras no paraban de repetirse en mi cabeza, esas palabras que definían exactamente mi situación, esas palabras q...
snapchat ; seonho by fyseonho
snapchat ; seonho by shoey Fanfiction
in which she tries to slide into his DMs - yoo seonho - continuation of letters ; seonho from letter 9 but can be read w/o reading the previous book!
"Just because I smile, it doesn't mean I'm happy. Because it takes just one smile to cover a million tears." M ACADEMY's most popular girl, SuYeon, hides a ver...
Butterfly | Yoo Kihyun [#Wattys2017] by SrissyKrissy
Butterfly | Yoo Kihyun [#Wattys201... by Keulisi__ Fanfiction
"Her name is so unusual, yet so beautiful." Credit for the picture's and Video's to the rightful owner.
Serenity | Changki by celestiars
Serenity | Changki by izzy Fanfiction
"In fact, Changkyun's favourite time with Kihyun's voice was when the two were alone. Completely alone, at bliss with each other; no cameras, other members, nothing...
Capturing One's Heart by ChaliSense
Capturing One's Heart by SonYooDaughter Random
"Minhyuk-ah, can I have a favor?" Minhyuk stop himself from biting the donuts upon sensing a serious mood around Hyunwoo. "Please stop underestimating Kih...