The Young Luna by Mimic-My-Howl
The Young Lunaby Dionne Michaela
- "I understand that you want me you just won't admit it" - "No, Mabel, you don't understand anything. I don't want you. I want to fuck you senseless, th...
  • werewolf
  • werewolfwar
  • young
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The Carnage of Prehistoric Yellowstone by SorrelConiferous
The Carnage of Prehistoric SorrelConiferous
126,000 years ago. It was the middle of the Pleistocene Epoch. The merciless glacial climate of the Ice Age was now receding. Lush, verdant grasslands lay just beneath t...
  • smilon
  • sabertooth
  • carnivores
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Delilah In The Mountains  by Nightofblueroses
Delilah In The Mountains by RoseyRoseRiley
7 year old Delilah Rain Vickers lives with her mother in the great state of Wyoming. Together they run a small guest ranch/inn type of deal on between Cody and Yellowsto...
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  • wyoming
  • wyo
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The GreenHouse by JoWatson_101
The GreenHouseby Jo Watson
It's been 99 years since Yellowstone park erupted, causing a mass extinction and plunging the world into an ice age. Survivors are living in a structure dubbed the Green...
  • fiction
  • apocolypse
  • iceage
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The Wild Ones by Blazing_wolf_howl
The Wild Onesby Danny Sky
What if werewolves were never given the ability to shift into a human form? What if they were only given human qualities such as communication? And what if there was no...
  • conflict
  • yellowstone
  • love
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Whisper  by heavytragedy
Whisper by kipper
After Whisper's litter mate, Amber, dies from a coyote infection, she starts to realise that she doesn't want to live the life she has in her pack. Not that she has much...
  • howler
  • moon
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Wolf Quest - Slough Pack Stories by The_Role_Player
Wolf Quest - Slough Pack Storiesby The_Role_Player
I was bored so I made this pack once, I think it was past year and I started playing again and all, but I decided to write stories about the slough pack, (That's what I...
  • survival
  • yellowstone
  • pups
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The day the world ended by Justanotherjude1234
The day the world endedby Anthony Jude tong
This is a post apocalyptic future of what the world would look like if yellow stone exploded
  • horror
  • yellowstone
Paws by TheKawaiiGecko
Pawsby TheKawaiiGecko
Remember the Druids? The largest wold pack in the world, well they were. They died out awhile ago but some descendants live on. This story will be from the wolves poi...
  • animals
  • druids
  • nature
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