Storm Wings (Wingborn #4) by starlightmagpie
Storm Wings (Wingborn #4)by Becca Lusher
**The following description contains spoilers for Dragongift (Wingborn #3)** Trouble covers the Overworld and the Rift Riders seem further from home than ever, but there...
  • eagles
  • friendship
  • fighting
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Ever So Lightly {COMPLETED} by paisleypikachu
Ever So Lightly {COMPLETED}by Katie Steele
The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities to affect t...
  • sword
  • epicfantasy
  • youngadult
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A Soul For Trouble by cristamchugh
A Soul For Troubleby Crista McHugh
When you're a witch named Trouble, chaos follows. Arden Lesstymine (known to everyone as Trouble) likes attention as much as the next girl, but this is getting ridiculou...
  • knight
  • yafantasy
  • humorous
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thunderstruck | book #2 by lilacrachel
thunderstruck | book #2by rachel
[SEQUEL TO SPELLBOUND] --- Remy Morgan is not quite sure what to do with herself when she returns to the Mortal World without Maksim Opal, a warlock whom she cannot help...
  • fiction
  • hiddengems
  • youngadultfantasy
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Masquerading the Key by ShinomiyaDR
Masquerading the Keyby Shinomiya D. Ray
Alain Watanabe is a Key Keeper, a person who acts a a balancing force and can cross between two worlds. When he was five, he visited Engrada for the first time, and dur...
  • magic
  • fantasy
  • yafantasy
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spellbound | book #1 by lilacrachel
spellbound | book #1by rachel
A story in which a warlock who always thought he preferred to be alone falls in love with a mortal who is tired of living a mundane lifestyle and wants to explore the wo...
  • warlocks
  • youngadultfantasy
  • fiction
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The Nutcracker King (Coming From Darkness #1) by EustaciaTan14
The Nutcracker King (Coming From D...by Eustacia Tan
How far will you go for your 'Happily Ever After'? It has been eight years since the Nutcracker has defeated the Mouse King, and he is still a cursed doll. The Nutcrack...
  • retelling
  • thenutcrackerking
  • dark
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The Wood and the Bird {IN PROGRESS} by bret_mykel
The Wood and the Bird {IN PROGRESS}by Bret Mykel
"Welcome to Arcadia, Montana! A revelry of lush flora and effervescent citizens. The world couldn't seem in any state other than perfect harmony- Well, other than t...
  • godsandgoddesses
  • warrior
  • adventure
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Ballad of Silence and Wings by eleonne
Ballad of Silence and Wingsby Eleonne Moona
A silence to keep and a wicked queen to defeat. An exiled princess returns to her kingdom, bent on slaying the immortal sorceress, the Queen in the Glass Mountain. B...
  • femalewarrior
  • yafantasy
  • fairytale
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[REVISED] Rachel Andric and The Story by RCFletcher
[REVISED] Rachel Andric and The St...by RCFletcher
The Story ... a world of fairy tales, myths, and legends. Step through a door and you can find yourself going from Sherwood Forest to Sleeping Beauty's castle. It's a wo...
  • clean
  • ya
  • yafantasy
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The Familiar of Odd by OLeeSal
The Familiar of Oddby OLeeSal
When you're from New York, you learn to expect the unexpected. But when Inez Martín's best friend convinces her to go to a psychic, she doesn't expect the small trinket...
  • bringbackurbanfantasy
  • underworld
  • quest
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Key to Nature's Survival by ShinomiyaDR
Key to Nature's Survivalby Shinomiya D. Ray
Orchid Tachibana is a seventeen-year-old Key Keeper. She left Earth for Sotalia. In doing so, she hoped to find her true home. At first, she thought she thought she'd ac...
  • waterpowers
  • nature-powers
  • keykeeper
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Reincarnated by heartless0person
Reincarnatedby Isabela is Heartless
"pain is all I have and pain is all I will get " Special thanks to didibelieber3013 for making my cover!!!
  • epicfantasy
  • reincarnation
  • magic
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Bleeding Wings by CazziMae
Bleeding Wingsby Cazzi Mae
"falling is just like flying, except the destination is more permanent" New Chapters (Hopefully) Every Sunday (If that goes well, new chapters will be more th...
  • supernatural
  • adventure
  • yafiction
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Destined by aaliya44
Destinedby Ally Star
Rheia thought she had a normal life except a few things like an extremely paranoid dad for one. But that was all there was. Other than that her life was quiet, monotonou...
  • girl
  • power
  • curse
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Winter's Reign by YvonneFaurie
Winter's Reignby Yvonne Faurie
He was the bastard son of a king who wanted out of his life. She was the daughter of a king who wanted to stop the war. Together they thought they would achieve their go...
  • fireandice
  • yafantasy
  • magic
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Elementum by justme_45
Elementumby Ash
~One will be born Four she shall bind Two of Friendship Two of Love Shall it will be The Aether~ I lived a normal life for a soon to be seventeen year old. Well if you...
  • elements
  • fantasy
  • romance
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LUCAS WARBUCK : The Prophet's Call,  Book 1 by ArielRoma
LUCAS WARBUCK : The Prophet's Call...by ArielRoma
When just-about-twelve year old LUCAS WARBUCK receives a book from a prophet, it opens up a world of secrets, schemes and trickery... and holds a special message that he...
  • adventure
  • witch
  • magical-realism
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Camelot's Hope {A Merlin Fanfic} by gldenheart
Camelot's Hope {A Merlin Fanfic}by Tori Guajardo
"In a Land of Myth and a Time of Magic, . . the one who is Courage will need more than Strength and Magic to fulfil his destiny . . . He will need HOPE." This...
  • arthurpendragon
  • yafantasy
  • gwen
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