Daddy Kink (Xiuhan fanfiction 18+) by l00-05-18l
Daddy Kink (Xiuhan fanfiction 18+)by Just me
Xiumin didn't know when it started but he's been having a sexual relationship with the school's number one jock, Luhan. At school Luhan's the number one jock with girls...
  • xiuhan
  • exoships
  • yaoi
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The Ugly Twin #Wattys2017 by ohfxckingsekai
The Ugly Twin #Wattys2017by ducktaestic
Me and Taemin We used to be close, just like how twins should be But it doesn't last long He steals everything Looks... Fame... Appraisal... And love... "You should...
  • sekai
  • fanfiction
  • sehun
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King [Taoris] by emoEmuu
King [Taoris]by Navi ✨
Tao is part of a plan to join together two kingdoms. Too bad he doesn't know that. 18- year old Tao, a simple minded prince who loves nature, wearing white clothes and...
  • powers
  • chanbaek
  • wattys2017
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Family drama exo fanfic. (XIUHAN, CHANBEAK, KAISOO, KRISHO, TAOHUN, CHENLAY) by l00-05-18l
Family drama exo fanfic. (XIUHAN...by Just me
This Exo fan fiction is when Suho and Kris are both parents. Suho decides he wants to adopt ten children, and when Kris agrees, they do so. This fan fiction are stories...
  • chen
  • chenlay
  • chanbeak
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Fat? (Xiuhan fan fiction) by l00-05-18l
Fat? (Xiuhan fan fiction)by Just me
Bringing it back to when EXO were still trainees. Xiumin is the last to enter EXO and everyone welcomes him with open arms except for one certain member. Luhan finds him...
  • exoxiumin
  • fat
  • xiuhan
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Lu [ XiuHan ] by KatTheOtaku
Lu [ XiuHan ]by Kat ♥︎
@7_LUHAN_M Started Following You. ~~~~~~~~~~ Second EXO fanfiction~ ^^ (Includes all twelve original exo members so if you don't like OT12, sorry?) -Story Finished 3/6...
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Kpop Shipping Imagines by Lillyjay
Kpop Shipping Imaginesby Lilly Jay
A secondary version of my first book, Kpop Bias Imagines My first book was about different one shots between you and a certain idol, whereas this one is aimed at our shi...
  • superjunior
  • kaisoo
  • eunhae
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Criaturas Malditas [XiuHan] by Tamilix
Criaturas Malditas [XiuHan]by TamilCherry
Tras cinco años de residir en los Estados Unidos, Minseok junto con su familia regresan a Corea por diferentes motivos, el más importante y que Minseok oculta a su espos...
  • exo
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  • criaturas
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EXO Ship Facts by kyungsew
EXO Ship Factsby .
includes facts about the most popular EXO ships including ChanBaek XiuChen KaiSoo SuLay HunHan TaoRis Etc., there's also facts about each member of EXO
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Maybe it's LOVE! (KRISHO!) by II_Charlotte_II
Maybe it's LOVE! (KRISHO!)by Yeol's super hyung!
A story based on Kris and Suho from EXO! This is for my love for KrisHo! I adore them when they were together and I still will adore them. Haven't found a plot for much...
  • bxb
  • krisho
  • wuyifan
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Babysitter Lay | Sulay by milkatheresia
Babysitter Lay | Sulayby Milka Theresia
{COMPLETED} Suho adopted 7 children and everything went well, till his partner ran away. He met Lay at Lay's work and Lay became the nanny of the 7 noisy boys. Can Lay b...
  • exo
  • cute
  • suho
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Friends with Benefits{Exo Ships} by disastrous_mistake
Friends with Benefits{Exo Ships}by disastrous_mistake
*!CURRENTLY EDITING!* Kris - 18 years old Senior Popular Sexy Cold Tao - 18 years old Senior Not so popular (new student) Cute Nice - Even tho Tao recently moved, the...
  • taohun
  • sulay
  • kpo
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» The War « | zyx ; osh | by WTF_UNICORN02
» The War « | zyx ; osh |by zyx ; osh ; kjg
Luhan who is in love with Sehun do anything just for his love even though he could kill his best friend or what and Yixing want to live peacefully but be a Prince Consor...
  • layhun
  • laysoo
  • krisho
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[COMPLETED] A Demon Yet An Angel - {XiuChen fanfic~}  by yixingzyx
[COMPLETED] A Demon Yet An Angel...by no name <3
「 I Feel Like I Know You. 」 Kim Jongdae and Kim Minseok. Best of freinds since age two, yet years pass, and Jongdae moves. They thought they would never meet face to fac...
  • chenmin
  • xiuchen
  • romance
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Ngộ Kiến Chi Hậu [Chuyển ver/LuMin] by nguynl244
Ngộ Kiến Chi Hậu [Chuyển ver/LuMin]by XiuFroze2603
Tên khác: Sau Khi Gặp Mặt Editor: Hoại Băng Beta: Den Shì Thể loại: hiện đại, vườn trường, bá đạo mặt dày ôn nhu thê nô công x bình phàm hiền lành ngây ngốc thụ, 1×1, ấp...
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  • lumin
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love at first sight. (XIUHAN FANFIC) by l00-05-18l
love at first sight. (XIUHAN FANFI...by Just me
It's Xiumin's second year in the same high school and not a lot of people notice him. He's more like that person who doesn't talk to a lot of people. He's socially awkwa...
  • yaoi
  • luhan
  • exo
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Sing with Me by ryuujitanaka
Sing with Meby satan
  • sexing
  • taekai
  • xiuhan
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Welcome Wu Family|KrisHun by EllaSkyy
Welcome Wu Family|KrisHunby ♕MELİNDA♛
@melekee için özel yazılmıştır :D Süprizzz :3 Welcome .... Famiy series :1
  • xiuhan
  • cheon
  • mreg
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EXO Chatroom by l00-05-18l
EXO Chatroomby Just me
Ever since I started all these chatrooms all of you have been begging me for an EXO chatroom. Now you have it, an EXO chatroom! I'll try my best to make this one good to...
  • chatroom
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  • exok
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EXO Chatroom: NoTP || OT12 by KoKoDoneWithLife
EXO Chatroom: NoTP || OT12by ✨Marziii✨
It's been almost two years since EXO disbanded. They all left and now live separately with only their partner. Suho noticed they all had the same social media app and th...
  • hunhan
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