The Boss - 18+ (Bieber) by bankrollbieber
The Boss - 18+ (Bieber) by R |
He definitely wasn't supposed to get that email... © Whitney G.
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Chained ↠ J.B • J.M by bieberslust
Chained ↠ J.B • J.M by bieberslust
Valentina Romero isn't a stranger to the dangerous life. That's all she was ever exposed to since she met ruthless and cold-hearted Jason McCann. They've been childhood...
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Moonlight by bieberabg
Moonlight by Bizxlebo 🌙
SEQUAL TO DEAR DADDY... ; "I do" she said. My heart was beating faster and faster. Every second that went by, more and more sadness came rushing in my body. ...
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What do you mean? by -elinaa-
What do you mean? by я фанат
Не хочу спойлерить. Прочтёте, всё сами поймёте♥
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Memphis / Justin Bieber /-pauzirana by BiebsStory_1256
Memphis / Justin Bieber /-pauzirana by Br0kEñ HeArtEd GiRl
Cover @nd written by:BiebsStory_1256 Justin Bieber as himself Xenia Deli as herself Trailer u prvom djelu,uzivajte.❤❤ Nakon što provedu neko vrijeme zajedno,počinju gaji...
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Forbidden Feeling (REMONT) by fentizzle
Forbidden Feeling (REMONT) by Mrs.Bieber
Namiętność tych dwoje przerodziła się w uczucie, zakazane uczucie. *Forbidden Feeling z angielskiego znaczy zakazane uczucie Okładkę wykonała @Klaudia550
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Arranged Marriage|JB| by lizzie_Bieber
Arranged Marriage|JB| by JackDG_FinnW_NoahS
What happens when two people that don't know each other get trapped in their parents mess? Keep reading to find out.
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