From Wyoming, to Middle-earth by lotr_love
From Wyoming, to Middle-earthby lotr_love
Nightmares haunt her nights and she has no idea why. She sees things in the shadows; sees ethereal beings; sees fate coming for her. Suddenly she is cast to another wor...
  • middleearth
  • middle-earth
  • lord-of-the-rings
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Wolf's Claim by minnie_mouse262
Wolf's Claimby Leis
"What are you doing here?" he questioned, his voice a husky of depth. "This is reserved land, tourists aren't allowed here." "W-who are you?&quo...
  • lunarian
  • wolfs
  • goddesses
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Stand By Me by ChristyWatson
Stand By Meby ChristyWatson
A young widow- a mother of two- run ragged by life as she earned her callouses one fence post, one nail, and one branding iron at a time on her cattle ranch, and aching...
  • cowgirl
  • ranch
  • cowboy
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Red vs Blue One shots by happyluv2213
Red vs Blue One shotsby Agent California
Character x readers Character x Character And whatever else you want Just comment with what you want and I'll try to get that written. ★Updates every Monday and Friday★
  • connie
  • washington
  • caboose
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Catching Fish by AshyLoo2
Catching Fishby AshyLoo2
~Highest Rank: #257 in Historical Fiction~ America has just became stable again, and families are moving all over the Louisiana Purchase--Including the Mill family, who...
  • two
  • historical
  • ikshu
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Wild Horse by CamilaCraig
Wild Horseby Sebby_wintersoldier
Kate a 18 year old city girl who's lived with her uncle ever since her mother's death, is suddenly moved to back Wyoming to live with her dad and stepmom. Kate Doesn't e...
  • ranch
  • teen
  • wyoming
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Longmire by martykate1
Longmireby Marty Kate
This is not your usual "Longmire" story. I don't like Walt and do not like Vic. What I really like is the Native American characters--Jacob, Mathias, Henry, a...
  • longmire
  • mathias
  • cheyenne
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Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: Origins by TyForestWrites
Red vs Blue: Agent Rhode Island: O...by TyForestWrites
|Book 0| You know why he's here... But you don't know everything about HOW he's here... Everyone has a story... All heroes have an origin. This is how Ryan Bellator beca...
  • counselor
  • wyoming
  • director
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Saving Carter : His Luna (Editing) by RaineeBlik94
Saving Carter : His Luna (Editing)by RainBo
I stood in the darkness as Ajax began to circle around me, he had just saved my ass from the creep behind the bar, and yet he was starting to freak me out a little. His...
  • goodvsevil
  • vampire
  • shortstory
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Under Western Skies by Nicole_L_Ochoa
Under Western Skiesby Nicole_L_Ochoa
Sarah Hardy came to California in search of peace-not love, but, within hours of stepping off the plane, that's exactly what she found. Sarah's weary heart can't survive...
  • cowboy
  • newadult
  • mormon
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Summer Love by Lorinski19
Summer Loveby Lorinski19
Codie's mom has left her with loads of responsibility when she passes away. Codie still isn't sure what she wants to do with her life. Go to college or stay and help out...
  • teen
  • cowboy
  • summer
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Mercenary for Hire by writingdreamer15
Mercenary for Hireby writingdreamer15
I am known as mercenary 5869, I'm sent on a standard mission from command but little did I know that this mission would change in a heart beat, little did I know that I...
  • tex
  • tucker
  • caboose
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Bloodrush (Scarlet Star Trilogy #1) by BenGalley
Bloodrush (Scarlet Star Trilogy #1)by Ben Galley
"Magick ain't pretty, it ain't stars and sparkles. Magick is dirty. It's rough. Raw. It's blood and guts and vomit. You hear me?" When Prime Lord Hark is found...
  • empire
  • magic
  • dark
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Agent BC (Red vs Blue fanfic) by chibilover1000
Agent BC (Red vs Blue fanfic)by chibilover1000
A new agent has made an appearance in Project Freelancer. Despite her harmless demeanour, she is definitely not something that should be taken lightly. [THERE'S A NEW VE...
  • southdakota
  • newyork
  • carolina
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Hello Mr. Bull Rider by 5heWhoRunsWithWolves
Hello Mr. Bull Riderby Ghost
My name is Samantha Black. I'm a crazy, weird, slightly funny, slightly annoying person, but that's only when I'm around Lilly or at home. I rodeo. I'm competitive in ma...
  • nlbra
  • cowboy
  • stupid
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County Hearts by Loki_for_LIFE
County Heartsby Rebecca Barnes
Hannah Norse lived in Wyoming her whole life. She lives on a small farm, only 100 head of cattle, some chickens, and her two little brothers. Hannah goes to public schoo...
  • february
  • 2018
  • wyoming
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Red Vs Blue Oneshots by CloverH00D
Red Vs Blue Oneshotsby Mewlock
Just Red Vs Blue oneshots an' shiz. Requests are open for any one of the characters from seasons 1-10 currently. I'm trying to binge watch RvB whenever I get the chance...
  • simmons
  • tex
  • sarge
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Take Off by TheLonelyofLuna
Take Offby Summer
Escape, to break away from confinement or control. Confine, to keep or restrict someone or something within certain limits of (space, scope, quantity, or time). Control...
  • newmexico
  • lasvegas
  • california
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Red Vs Blue Gay Ships by ISHIPFORDAYS
Red Vs Blue Gay Shipsby ISHIPFORDAYS
These amazing stories are fueled with mpeg cause there us not enough
  • tuckinton
  • griff
  • sarge
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The Cowboy Hostage (A Laramie Fanfiction) by Theatrefangirl014
The Cowboy Hostage (A Laramie Fanf...by Theatrefangirl014
When Jess is away, Slim disappears and is held hostage. What do Slim's the captors want? Will Jess get to Slim in time to save him?
  • slimsherman
  • jessharper
  • missdaisycooper
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